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Quite a rare sight, Scussenbeasts are twelve-foot-tall, muscular monstrosities. Most have malintent. The source of these creatures is unknown, but it is widely suspected you won't encounter one unless it was summoned with sorcery. They can usually communicate like a human being, but some are non-verbal. Their habitat is unknown, for it is unlikely to happen upon one randomly.   Though its phisique is usually quite humanoid, the creature has many similarities to a dragon including several pointy horns, spiky tail, dangerous claws sharp teeth, and long tongue, in a snout-like mouth. Some Scussenbeasts can breathe fire. Others simply emit smoke as they breathe. On occasion, you may come across an extremely powerful Scussen with wings and the ability to fly.   Scussen attacks can be deadly, a headbutting can impale an opponent, thrusting them through with sharp horns. Their spiky tail is quite lengththy and can swipe dextrously. Its hands and feet are also heavily clawed, giving it the ability to slash and dash in addition to punching and kicking anyone who may attempt to face it.


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