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A person devoted to The Shining Lord who spends the greater part of their days studying Scripture Scrolls and wandering seemingly aimlessly across the land praying over each territory they come across.


There are no standard requirements for one to become a Palal, but if one truly desires to do the wandering work of The Shining Lord, they shall study His Testament, and devote to praying multiple times a day with no distraction.   Palals also do not own homes, nor many posessions besides the clothes on their back and a few other necessities. These traveling prayers must be willing to leave any life they may have behind and wander throughout all lands praying and seeking The Shining Lord.   Palals may stop and talk to people along the way, sharing the The Testament of The Shining Lord and praying over them. They may stop and rest at an Ealdenstead or other church, or they may stay at the house of a hospitible citizen, though most times they make camp alone. On occasion, Palals may cross paths and commune for a while. Some Palals choose to set out on the wandering together, but most go alone.


One is not appointed to be a Palal. If one desires to become one, they will either visit an Ealdenstead or church for support, supplies, or partner Palals to travel with them, or, if they are confident and able, they will make the decision on their own and start the journey alone.
Religious, Special
Alternative Naming
Wandering Prayer, Devotee
Source of Authority
They pray to The Shining Lord multiple times a day, receiving instruction on what to do and where to go.
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