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EmunaRealm 1.0 - Homebrew TTRPG System

About EmunaRealm

EmunaRealm is an in-development homebrew TTRPG system to be used within various worlds crafted by WordiGirl (LexiCon). Each update will apply slight differences to the gameplay, tailoring the system to fit perfectly in each individual setting. Version 1.0 is most suitable to use in Wynsumheord.   One of the first major factors that sets this apart from most other popular TTRPG systems is the fact that EmunaRealm is not primarily based upon magic. Instead, powers and abilities are sourced from other elements of the world such as plantlife or tech. In addition, EmunaRealm is designed to be relatively simple and easy to keep track of. It is ideal for players of all experience levels. EmunaRealm's ease of gameplay allows for more roleplay and less stepping out of character to focus heavily on stat points and character sheets.  
Read on to discover the endless possibilities of EmunaRealm!

Exploring Environments

  Wynsumheord is a very curious place. Though much like your average medieval realm, you may be surprised to find that magic is not at its core. Yes, some witches and wizards exist, but, other than that, most of the miraculous happenings that occur are the result of native plants that grow all about the land. In addition, the land is surrounded on all four sides by oppressive and corrupt kingdoms.  
A bird's eye view of Wynsumheord and its four surrounding kingdoms.
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Creating Characters



  There are quite a few playable species in the land of Wynsumheord. Take a look at some of the articles below to learn more about them.  
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  Choosing any name will go quite well with your character, but there are also some species suggestions listed under the character varieties.  


  Your age can determine a number of resource level meters, but it does not have to necessarily define such. You can have an elder character who is spry, or a younger character who is more frail. These reasons must be pre-determined and justified at the creation of your character. That does not mean they cannot change at all as you progress, learn, and grow in the world. This is simply a starting point.   In Wynsumheord, it is not uncommon for teenagers to be counted as adults, neither is it very strange for any being to live unto or even beyond their hundreds. This is also determined by factors that can be established early on at your player's conception. We can get into a plethora of scenarios and reasons that can allow all of these traits to come into play at a later time, but, for now, here are the basic age stats:  
1-5 years Level 1 (all meters)   6-12 years Level 2 (all meters)   13-16 years Level 3 (all meters)   17-60 years Level 4 (all meters)   61-80 years Level 3 (all meters)   81+ years Level 2 (all meters)


  There are different occupations your character can take, or, you can choose to start them off unemployed. If you do so decide to give your character a trade, below is a brief list of examples:   Mundbyrdian   Farmer   Bard   Merchant   Scholar   Wanderer (unassigned)   Once again, these statuses can contribute to the skillsets and traits your player begins with, and even their resource meters. And, depending on the species you select, these titles may be even more varied.  

Wielding Weaponry

  There are several types of weapons one can wield in Wynsumheord. The strength level of each piece of equipment is determined by the material from which it was constructed.  
Wood= Level 1   Tin= Level 2   Copper= Level 3   Steel= Level 4   Gold= Level 5   Ufane= Level 6
  These levels apply to weapon damage delivered as well as shield damage block.     Wood is the lowest level of effectiveness in weaponry and armor alike. Ufane is the highest and most expensive.  

Powerful Plants

  In Wynsumheord, magic is not obsolete, but most average beings do not possess it. The most powerful things that can lie in one's physical inventory are various plants. There are plants for healing, plants to increase strength, plants to help in persuasion, plants that can incapacitate enemies etc. The potency of these plants is determined by their level. In addition to the plant's actual level, your own Faith meter can have an increased effect upon its efficiency. Depending on the height of said player's Faith meter, a Level 1 Rapha may be able to heal double or triple the amount of hp it traditionally would if it were in the hands of someone with less faith.   Botanical abilities:   Rapha- Healing   Nissi- Strength   Slumaberry- Sedative   Once you acquire a special plant, it is usually in its most immature form. There are six basic levels of the plants. To increase the plants potency levels, you must collect Jireh (Fertilizing/Multiplying plant). The amount of Jireh you assign to each species reflects the effectiveness level of said plant. When Jireh is found, you can decide which area you would like to devote it to.  


  During any given quest that includes travel from place to place, the party can happen upon two different roads; a chance road and a sure road. The chance road will be a pre-determined road. This road will be a certain length and include several windows of things that can befall the party when they traverse it. Say that a certain chance road requires 100 to pass. Everyone will roll a die that matches the level of the lowest speed rank in the party. Whichever number it equals up to when all the die totals are added together is where exactly along the chance road the party will land. Various points along the chance road will have already been mapped out by the gm. If the travelers miss these windows, they will not receive the conflicts that lie in wait there; neither will they happen upon any collectibles hidden there. The sure road, on the other hand, will have no windows. Whatever the GM would like to happen to the characters will happen, regardless of what numbers appear on the dice.


  Sample Standard Stat Sheet Template   Elfina Prefab   Jedrik Prefab   Phelan Prefab   Evander Prefab   Ciril Prefab
  Levels   There are six basic levels to most items and resource meters in EmunaRealm.   Each action's potency is determmined by a roll of the corresponding die:  
Level 1= d4   Level 2= d6   Level 3= d8   Level 4= d10   Level 5= d12   Level 6= d20
  These levels determine the potency of actions taken by the characters and objects that possess them.  


  Level 1 shields can block up to four damage per turn.   Level 2 Rapha can restore up to six health points per turn   Level 3 weapons can deliver up to eight damage per turn.   Level 4 enemy can deliver up to ten damage per turn.   ...and so on...   The above listed are simply the first six basic levels. It is totally possible for an item or being to surpass Level 6. For Level 7, the d20 from Level 6 remains and is accompanied by a d4. Level 8 keeps the d20 and ditches the d4 for a d6. Level 9 consists of d20 + d8, and so on. Continuing the cycle until arriving once more at Level 12 and possessing two d20s.   Now, characters themselves use a slightly different measurement. Each character possesses multiple skill levels: Strength/Weaponless combat Speed Faith Weight   They also have measurable meters for refillable/depletable resources, such as Money Health Endurance   Leveling up occurs through exercises, first-hand experience in quests, or learning during off-adventure sessions.   Resources can be acquired along the way as a character buys, sells, trades, participates in various quests, collects bounties, locates hidden items, etc.  


In addition to levels that each device holds, there are other meters that will measure attributes of your character. These meters will determine a lot of things for your character such as ability to execute maneuvers or purchase items etc.
  Money can always be replenished and depleted with little consequence. The absence of money is simply the inability to spend it on helpful objects.  
  Health heavily depends upon which species, age, and backstory you've chosen for your character. the average health meter is worth forty points. This is so that a player cannot be wiped out entirely on a d20 roll. Unfortunately, it is possible for a Level 1 player with a 40 health meter to be completely vanquished after two perfect rolls from a Level 6 enemy, but, at least you have a slight chance to attempt something.  
  Endurance is similar to Health, but very different. Health is removed when one is attacked. Endurance measures how long one is able to traverse without stopping to camp, rest, or eat. This length of time is measured in rolls. Each roll will bring the Endurance meter down one point. When the Endurance meter begins to lower, it can cause some of your character's other meters to be compromised also. It is important to maintain a good Endurance meter at all times. This can be done by resting, eating, drinking, and reenergizing with plants.  
  Faith meters start at zero unless otherwise stated at your character's conception. Memorizing Scripture Scrolls or reading The Testament of The Shining Lord can help Faith increase. So can spending time at various holy temples. Having faith can increase the effectiveness of plants, blocks, and even attacks.  
  Weight and Height are attributes that highly depend upon the species you choose at the beginning and the status of said race. For example, if you have chosen to be a Gardinbeaufian farmer, your character is most likely to be tall, robust, broad-shouldered, and able to carry tons. But, if this is the slowest character in your group, you cannot expect a single, small, spry elf to be able to pick up the hulking brute and carry him swiftly. A solution for this would be to purchase vehicles and animals to pull them along.  

Speed and Distance

  During quests, there will be distance traveling time. Depending on how leveled up the characters' speed meters are, the combined group may have different journeys along the path. Traditionally, the group is only as fast as its slowest member (unless they want to leave someone behind in the dust). There is an option for one player to carry another player, however, but this may well slow that player down. It is up to the player's strength meter to determine how much of a difference the weight of the other character could weigh upon him.  
  Basic Vehicles and Levels   Mule= Level 4 (all meters)   Carriage= Level 5 (all meters)   Individual Horse= Level 6 (all meters)   An individual horse is much swifter than a carriage due to the fact that it has less weight to pull along. A carriage is also more likely to take on damage or break down during transport.

Types of Quests

  There are many different types of quests with various goals attached to them. Some quests are solely to acquire a certain plant, material, weapon, or armor for your character. Some quests simply exist so that your player can earn money. These are usually one-shotesque sessions that will bring your character up a level. Other quests are heavy with lore and involve several conflicts and combat opportunities.

If you have any questions or comments about the EmunaRealm TTRPG System,   please comment below or contact WordiGirl for more information.   All concepts and art created by WordiGirl.   Some characters designed in HeroForge.


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