New Year's Resolution 2023

This years reading challenge for January is combined with a New Year's Resolution. I generally don't do those, because I am bad at keeping them like most people. I decided to go for it this year anyways, with the goal of just trying to keep up with it and to not be too hard on myself if I don't manage to do so. Furthermore it is small enough that if I do skip a day (and that is definitely going to happen) I can either just leave it, or make up for it on a day with multiple pins.   Other smaller goals are to finally finish my Dragons section. I wish to turn it into a reading experience with polished articles and a story that leads through them.   The third part will be to continue working on my CYOA Project. I started it in October, but never got too far. I planned out many of the choices, but have to actually write out the articles and options. The hole thing is also an interesting experiment on how far subscriber groups can be used for this kind of thing!   And last but not least, to just keep writing where I have fun. I always try to organize stuff and then rarely follow through, but I have really never worked so long on a single project with only minor interruptions as I have on this world. And I think the more than 150'000 words are a testament to that. So really I just want to keep it up and create this world!
Review ten articles of other anvilites and set a new years resolution
Create one pin per day on my map for the Adirondack Mountains. The pin has to have a title and a short description.

Learnings From Other Articles

These are ten articles I chosen more or less at random. Some of them are from my notifications, some from the Discord server, some older articles and some from the World Ember leader board.
Sentinels are an absolutely chilling and fascinating subject. A specific thing I would like to do more is to use icons effectively to improve readability of articles, which I believe Annie Stein has down to a science!
An immensely dense and fascinating introduction. I love the writing of Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull and how she describes the places of her world. I always struggle with describing the places and I think her work is a good place to learn more.
As most articles by Stormbril it not only is beautifully designed, but also tells great stories. There is much to learn from his work, but I think one thing I wish to add to my world as well is the explicit mention of what to read next. I've done it really in just one article, but I would like to add it to more!
Omari is a wonderful world of cute and wholesome things and this article is no exception. I love Ezra Aldrich's ability to evoke this athmosphere. I think it is always good to remember, that not every article has to follow a grand plan and can just stand on its own!
A fascinating article by Sh4d0wPh03n1x on a creature that is a staple in fantasy. The various subspecies each come with their own little variation. It is a great example on how to take something that everyone has and adapt to their own world with their own ideas and twists. The art generated with MJ by Andrew adds that cherry on top of the fantastic writing!
I've been trying to come up with a good template for myself for spells, abilities and skills. So I decided to browse the submissions for the Spell Special Category from World Ember of this year. These five spells stood out to me the most for different reasons. Spell can be very diverse and creative and there are many different ways to approach them. It just hasn't helped me settle on a template for myself...   The spell Summening God by Jacqueline Yang sounds like a super useful spell and its super easy to cast. Just make sure you are actually allowed to cast it!   Eat Your Words is as funny, useful and creative as you would expect from a spell in E. Christopher Clark's World. I pitty anyone who has to sit through this.   A Slaying is a powerful and cruel ritual used by power-hungry mages. The article expands on many different aspects of the ritual and its meaning and effects. Very impressive read by .   Warmth Bubble by KajetanWrites is a simple, everyday use spell. It just keeps you warm. Very useful on cold days. I love these kinds of magic that can be used not just in combat!   The Neverending by Rumengol just hits different. Very creepy and powerful spell, nobody wants to ever be the victim of. I also quite like the simple style.
This was an exciting read!   Remember to always set a world, category or article header and to write an excerpt when submitting an article to a challenge!

Cover image: Book of Magic by TJ Trewin


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1 Jan, 2023 19:11

Excellent goals :D have a great new year!

Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior
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1 Jan, 2023 19:34

Thank you TJ! Depending on how things will go, I will probably need some art! Do you still do commissions?

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2 Jan, 2023 13:30

I sure do! I may have some slots opening up around or after March 2023 :D

Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior
Latest Work:
Gauntlet - my shiniest article this year!
Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
1 Jan, 2023 23:16

Good luck on the resolutions, and thanks so much for including one of my articles!

Check out my progress on Bestiary February
2 Jan, 2023 13:43

You are very welcome and I hope you have a great 2023 :)

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2 Jan, 2023 06:43

And last but not least, to just keep writing where I have fun.
  I'm really intrigued by your goals and resolutions, and think they're great! That last one about keeping writing fun though is my favourite part, such a good perspective to keep. And thank you for including me among these other wonderful articles! <3 There's many I haven't had a chance to see yet, and I'm excited to give them a read :D

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2 Jan, 2023 13:45

Thank you! Yeah writing where it is fun is important since this is an important part of what I do when I want to distract myself from the stress caused by my studies. So having it add more stress would just be very counter productive.

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2 Jan, 2023 15:53

Thank you for including my spell :)

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2 Jan, 2023 16:33

You are welcome!

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Sage nnie
Annie Stein
3 Jan, 2023 09:53

I'm really excited to see how your dragons section will turn out, the idea is really intriguing! I think a focus on being generous with your goals is a good idea too, as someone who finds that super specific daily goals cause more grievance than good. I think continuing to work away at something is an admirable goal in and of itself. Best of luck!

Creator of Solaris & The Morning Realm -— Worldember 2022
3 Jan, 2023 16:12

Thank you nnie! So far I was able to do it, but yeah it won't be daily through the year (already because there will be days at which I just don't have a computer with me and editing pins on a phone is a nightmare ...)   I am also pretty happy with the idea of the dragons section. Just have to actually do it and figure out some of the details!

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Eternal Sage Wordigirl
LexiCon (WordiGirl)
6 Jan, 2023 11:38

I have also been working on a CYOA-style Interactive Fiction piece for a long time lol. Hopefully we can get those done soon. Mine is planned out for the most part, but linking all over the page and adding audio elements is the thing that's been holding me back. I need to curb my perfectionism! lol nevertheless, God bless and much success with your plans for this year! <3

Be exuberantly blessed. Much success!!! maybe click here, I guess...
6 Jan, 2023 16:44

Thank you Wordigirl! Hope you make good progress on yours too!   I've got it planned out the paths and endings on a white, but I think I will have to adjust a few things and then actually write the damn thing ^^ Though I have made a few articles, one ending and linked it up so I am mostly settled on a layout for it! :)

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Eternal Sage Wordigirl
LexiCon (WordiGirl)
6 Jan, 2023 18:34

thanks. lol I'm putting mine all in the same article lol. Having more than one page, it's good you know your setup! :) <3

Be exuberantly blessed. Much success!!! maybe click here, I guess...
9 Feb, 2023 21:48

I wasn't expecting to be mentioned here, I'm honoured! I love CYOAs and am planning one too, I'm excited to read yours! Good luck with your other goals too!

10 Feb, 2023 08:12

You are welcome! Did you see that there is a chapter for CYOAs? We aren't very active at the moment, but there are a lot of experienced people in there.

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