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Warmth Bubble

Warmth Bubble is a spell on the border of Pyromancy and Aeromancy. It creates an air bubble around the caster and heats the air inside it. It is common to see people walking with those bubbles around them during winter in the colder parts of the world.

Calidum Aerem Sphaera
— The spell's incantation


The warmth generate by the bubble is around the average room temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. As the result, it is very common in winter to see people walking outside in spring or summer clothes with just the bubble to keep them warm.

Side/Secondary Effects

The only known side effect of the spell is a potential cold or other similar sickness. It can happen as the result of a sudden stop of the spell when the caster is just wearing light clothes and outside temperature is low. In extreme cases, when the caster is unable to quickly recreate the bubble or hide inside hypothermia or frostbite might appear. However, these are very rare situations.


When created the air bubble can seen as delicate yellow light surrounding the caster. That light doesn't impact visibility and has no negative effect on the eyes. Some people say that it is pure magical energy.

Gestures & Ritual
The incantation should be said while making a circle with both hands. Caster starts with putting their hands together above their head and moves them to the sides like drawing a circle. The hands should meet again around the caster's waist directly below the point the movement was started.
Related School
Related Element
Effect Duration
Until dispelled by the caster
Applied Restriction
Though there are no known cases of Corruption caused by prolonged use of this spell, it is generally adviced to limit the use to up to 2 consecutive hours. Children under 15 and elderly above 65 years old are advised to refrain from using this spell.


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20 Dec, 2022 11:40

I like the simple mechanics behind the idea and the fact that it makes me ask various questions about how it works in Magic Earth. It opens excellent possibilities for character interaction — adding a person to their bubble when they get cold, kind of similar to the "sharing an umbrella" trope.   Is it known when the spell was discovered/created? More or less. Did people use winter clothes more often before that or were there other warming spells? Suppose people were walking the Krakowskie Przedmieście in Warsaw, how common the sight of the warmth bubble be?   I'm also curious about whether the spell is more often used by younger/older people or if is it independent of age?   The article gave me a lot of material to think about!   Thank you for a good read!

Playing around with words and worlds.
20 Dec, 2022 11:49

I haven't thought about, but probably there could be a possibility of joining bubbles when two people are close enough to each other.   I guess it would be hard not to see the bubbles on Krakowskie Przedmieście :)

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Starfarer Theta
27 Dec, 2022 05:08

Putting this down as yet another useful spell here. Especially if I happen to need to travel through any tundras or to an arctic region. That of course hinges on learning how to do magic here. - Nemo, World Traveler