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Rani Rao

By day - a type-A girl who appears to have everything together. A devoted daughter, a fierce courier, a solid B+ student. By night - an ass-kicking, gang-busting force to be reckoned with.

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The Canyons - Edge City
Whenever 2032

Campaign & Party

Run by cleverlikeasloth
Tue 2nd Mar 2021 06:57


by Rani Rao

She's gone...they're both gone.
What do we do now? What do I do?
I'm sorry Vendetta...I'm so sorry...

Rani's Journal Ordered oldest to newest

  1. What a night
  2. Too many little fires
    10 Nov 2020 06:47:31
  3. Burning both ends
    17 Nov 2020 07:13:51
  4. ...
    25 Nov 2020 06:43:39
  5. No time for self pity
    01 Dec 2020 06:31:56
  6. Into the Web
    08 Dec 2020 06:54:07
  7. A web of my own
    15 Dec 2020 07:23:28
  8. Caught in the Web
    12 Jan 2021 04:28:09
  9. Outside my comfort zone
    04 Feb 2021 05:42:13
  10. What went down last night
    23 Feb 2021 06:00:08
  11. ...
    02 Mar 2021 06:57:14

The major events and journals in Rani's history, from the beginning to today.

What a night

What a rush! I feel like this team is really starting to gel. I don't know what the wonder twins got up to, but it looks like they took a beating, and sounds like they dished out more than they got. I know that Vendetta can seem overbearing at times, l...

05:44 am - 27.10.2020

Too many little fires

I can't help but feel like I'm in over my head. It wasn't my call to go to that fucking party, but I feel like I should have been able to make more of a difference, instead of just getting blown up. Goddamn gangbangers and their high-end tech. I'm real...

06:47 am - 10.11.2020

Burning both ends

I don't even know where to begin. I always thought that I had all of this handled. I know my abilities, and I know what I can do. When those orphanage brats showed up at the gym, I thought I had it handled. That kick should have ended everything right ...

07:13 am - 17.11.2020


What am I even doing here? I just want to make a difference in the Canyons. I want to help people crawl out from under the thumb of these gangs. I want to be a force for justice, to right wrongs. I thought I had the ability to do it, to make a differen...

06:43 am - 25.11.2020

No time for self pity

Alright. That's done. Enough feeling sorry for myself. Enough of feeling I'm not good enough. I'm a part of this team, and that means recognizing where I can contribute. I may not be able to smash everything in my way like YB and Big Sis. I may not be ...

06:31 am - 01.12.2020

Into the Web

That was way too close. I was so scared they were going to do something to Colt. Those goddamn fascists can do whatever the hell they want in this neighborhood, and now they think I'm mixed up with Kill Icons? This is not good. I know I suggested it to Ve...

06:54 am - 08.12.2020

A web of my own

If only there were a word or stream of emojis that could adequately convey what a hot-headed, shit-for-brains, selfish, self-righteous, stubborn, RRRRRRAARRGHHHH. Joni. I get it. I want safety and security for the Canyons too. More than anything. Bu...

07:23 am - 15.12.2020

Caught in the Web

I guess it's true what they say about the Spiderweb - pretty easy to get tangled up, and much quicker than I thought. There is so much going on all around us it's hard to keep track of it all. When we started all of this, it felt like we could handle it a...

04:28 pm - 12.01.2021

Outside my comfort zone

Last night got crazy real quick. I need to get a handle on this situation with Jay (what the hell was he doing at Orchard Mist?), before he gets himself into something I can't save him from. Maybe Colt can help me get closer to those dealers from the Pant...

07:08 pm - 02.02.2021

What went down last night

Holy shit...we took them out. I was confident we would be able to rescue Bret and get what we needed, but we may have ended the Panthers. One of the most lethal gangs in the city down, because of us. Sure, there's a power vacuum now, and lots of other...

06:00 pm - 23.02.2021


She's gone...they're both gone. What do we do now? What do I do? I'm sorry Vendetta...I'm so sorry......

06:57 am - 02.03.2021

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