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Thu 4th Feb 2021 05:42

Outside my comfort zone

by Rani Rao

Last night got crazy real quick. I need to get a handle on this situation with Jay (what the hell was he doing at Orchard Mist?), before he gets himself into something I can't save him from. Maybe Colt can help me get closer to those dealers from the Panthers, though it seems like he may be spreading himself a bit thin lately. I don't know who those weirdos were, but the tall one was getting a little handsy.
I'm really grateful for my team right now. If I had just charged off alone like I initially intended to, I might not have made it back. They ran headfirst into that clusterfuck with me, no questions asked. After that, how could I not reveal who I was to Charity? I am starting to feel like I've let things slip a little too much, though. I need to remember what's at stake, and who could be hurt if I'm discovered by the wrong people.
Right now, I need some ibuprofen and some sleep. Charity did a good job with my jaw - she really knows her way around an osteografting laser - but this thing is going to be sore as hell. I'll figure out how I'm going to cover up the bruising and swelling tomorrow. Maybe just a little Headspace time before I go to sleep...