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What a night

by Rani Rao

What a rush!
I feel like this team is really starting to gel. I don't know what the wonder twins got up to, but it looks like they took a beating, and sounds like they dished out more than they got. I know that Vendetta can seem overbearing at times, like she's in her own world and expects everyone to come and join her, but she really stepped up. I feel pretty confident following her into battle - maybe Dutch was right about her after all. I feel like Disruptr and I worked really well together - the communication seemed really natural, and she was always there when I needed her. Maybe someday I can share more with them - I wonder if this is what I've been looking for.
I have to set a reminder to check if Dad left anything for me to do with the drones in the morning. It felt truly shitty leaving him on his own tonight, but I don't know sometimes. It starts to feel like he's leaning on me so much. He was a kid at some point, right? I shouldn't be thinking about this. I'll check on him in the morning.
Oh, and who the hell was that girl who woke me up when I fell asleep in AP world history? She didn't look like any of the girls in my class. Maybe the sleep deprivation is making me imagine things.