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Wed 25th Nov 2020 06:43


by Rani Rao

What am I even doing here?
I just want to make a difference in the Canyons. I want to help people crawl out from under the thumb of these gangs. I want to be a force for justice, to right wrongs. I thought I had the ability to do it, to make a difference. Maybe I was wrong.
I stand by and watch as my team succeeds. The twins crush everything they see. Disruptr sneaks in at just the right moment. Vendetta coordinates and leads us to victory. I fuck everything right up. I almost get myself killed. There was a fleeting second tonight when I just wished that bitch would have pulled the trigger. Maybe the Vandals would be better off without me.
I'm fucking up at school. My dad's pissed at me. I'll probably catch Hell at work for the delivery ruse. I get my ass kicked at the gym. What am I doing?