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Though most routine packages in Edge City are delivered via drone, a thriving courier industry runs through all parts of the city. These small organizations specialize in sensitive data or materials that could be compromised if sent through traditional channels - encrypted hard drives, classified materials, synthetic organs for transplant, etc. Most couriers come from a low-income background, and the only qualifications are physical quickness and routine radiothermal body scans. Companies usually provide couriers with a mode of transportation of some sort, which can be locked down and deactivated remotely if necessary.   Some courier organizations operate within corporate campuses, while others are city-wide. Though it would appear that there are many and competition is fierce, most of these companies are owned by an umbrella organization traceable to either Zaibatsu Tech or Tryptych.



The in-person delivery of sensitive materials and data.


The profession is comprised primarily of low-income gig workers.
Alternative Names
Runner, Gofer, Meatdrone

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