The Vandals

A Masks: A New Generation game In the world of The Spiderweb
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Mon 10th May 2021 7:30

Part 2: Chemical Warfare

The Vandals battle the Syndicate, scramble to save Edge City from the Ouroboros Conspiracy, say goodbye to a dear friend, and confront Terrador's villainous past.

Mon 3rd May 2021 7:30

Part 1: Downward Spiral

The Vandals need to work together if they want to thwart the Ouroboros Conspiracy's plans but emotions flare after Yeti Boy is nearly captured by Dr Vanity. Things are spiraling out of control...

Mon 26th April 2021 19:30

Part 6: Night of the Yokai

The Vandals are on the trail of a mysterious killer, a showdown at Precinct 23, and a race against time to save an innocent.

Thu 15th April 2021 19:30

Part 5: Metamorphosis

The Vandals decide what to with damning footage of Adjucator Camilla Marko, and Yeti Boy grapples with his changing body.

Mon 29th March 2021 19:30

Part 4: Monsterhearts

The Vandals continue their investigation into the Ouroboros Conspiracy, a series of mysterious killings begins on Level 23, and Colt struggle's with his changing body.

Mon 22nd March 2021 19:30

Part 3: Hack the Planet

The Vandals settle into their new home, Terrador uncovers some clues, and Kinetic has a run in with the law.

Mon 15th March 2021 19:30

Part 2: Fight Club

A showdown at Sunkido Combat Arts, an offer from Brett Buchanan that Colt can't refuse, and a wild protagonist appears.

Mon 8th March 2021 19:30

Part 1: The Funeral

The Vandals bury a friend, search for a new home, and learn more about the mysterious Ouroboros conspiracy.

Mon 1st March 2021 19:30

Part 6: The Black Door

It's the final showdown between the Vandals and the Nightstalkers, and not everyone is going to survive!

Tue 23rd February 2021 0:00

Part 5: The Vandals

It's all come down to this, the final showdown against Lockjaw and his Steel Panthers, with the fate of the Lowlands at stake. Can the Vandals beat the odds and come out on top? More importantly, can they find a way to make this more than gang warfare, and finally become what the city needs them to be?

Mon 8th February 2021 0:00

Part 4: Fall Out

The Vandals are just trying to catch their breath after battling Las Plagas, but Colt's got daddy issues that can't be ignored, and Lockjaw's zip drive is the only chance they have of stopping the conspiracy to destroy the Lowlands.

Mon 1st February 2021 19:30

Part 3: Helter Skelter

Friends in need, siblings fighting, a looming war with the Steel Panthers, and an inevitable showdown with the Nightstalkers, the Vandals are going to need to get their shit together before the Lowlands go up in flames.

Mon 25th January 2021 19:30

Part 2: Bad Blood

Joni fights for her family, Vendetta runs into an old friend, Kinetic and Disruptr give back to the community, and Colt learns what it means to ride with the Steel Panthers.

Mon 18th January 2021 19:30

Part 1: Hayduke Lives!

Yeti Boy is missing, Joni's friend is in a coma, Dutch is in trouble, Kinetic is grounded, and Disruptr's mom is a jerk. The Vandals just can't seem to catch a break.

Mon 11th January 2021 19:30

Issue 6: Harsh Times

The Vandals are hurting but they're closer than ever to Lockjaw's secret conspirator. If they can pull themselves together and find Disruptr's tracker, they might be able to save the Lowlands.

Mon 4th January 2021 7:30

Part 5: Mother Superior Jumped the Gun

The Vandals have finally made it to Lockjaw's afterparty at Guttersnipe. Can they keep their cool and not blow their cover long enough to discover the identity of Lockjaw's secret contact?

Mon 28th December 2020 7:30

Part 4: Road Rash

The Vandals go undercover at an underground race, sponsored by the Steel Panthers, to uncover a plot to kick off a gang war in the Lowlands. Joni deals with work drama, Disruptr studies up on bionics, Vendetta tries to win a race, and Colt and Rani have their first date.

Mon 21st December 2020 7:30

Part 3: Streets Run Red

The Vandals are going through a rough patch, caught up in some family drama, and spiraling out of control. Will they come together in time to steal some plasma for the poor? Will they be able to infiltrate the Steel Panthers underground race? Are Yeti Boy and Kinetic, like... a couple or whatever?

Tue 15th December 2020 7:30

Part 2: Family Ties

Will it be a tender reunion for Disruptor and her mother, the Scarlet Fox? She says she wants to help, but can Wendy trust her? Meanwhile, Colt and Jodi have their own daddy issues to deal with, Kinetic is pulled into the virtual battleground by Kill Icons, and Vendetta struggles to hold them all together.

Tue 8th December 2020 7:30

The Clampdown Part 1: Police on My Back

The Vandals wait for the Steel Panther's underground road rally, but even in times of relative peace there's no escaping the Spiderweb. The team will have to deal with shifting alliances, old rivalries, and new threats. On top of all that, it turns out that the Law doesn't take kindly to vigilante types in Edge City.

Mon 30th November 2020 7:30

Burning Chrome Part 6: The Wars to Come

The Vandals find themselves in the middle of a plot that could plunge the Canyons into chaos. Can they put all the pieces together in time or will the neighborhood face an all gang war?

Tue 24th November 2020 7:30

Burning Chrome Part 5: Prisoners

The Vandals are closer than ever to finding Becca Marlow, all they have to do is pull off a daring rescue attempt from a Syndicate stronghold, while being pursued by the murderous bikers of the Steel Panther gang. Maybe they'll even survive long enough to deal with the ghosts of Vendetta's past.

Mon 16th November 2020 7:30

Burning Chrome Part 4: Throwdown

The Vandals continue their search for Becca Marlow, make some new friends, face some old enemies, and fall further into the Spiderweb.

Mon 9th November 2020 7:30

Burning Chrome Part 3: Neon Lobotomy

After narrowly escaping the massacre at Twice Lucky, the Vandals return to their investigation into the disappearance of Becca Marlow. Bad luck for them that the Steel Panthers are looking for Marlow too, and looking for revenge after their last scrap.

Mon 2nd November 2020 7:30

Burning Chrome Part 2: All Tomorrow's Parties

The Vandals dive into the Lowlands nightlife in search of answers, respect, and a good time.

Mon 26th October 2020 7:30

Burning Chrome Part 1: Hell on Wheels

A construction worker with a deadly secret on the run from the Steel Panthers, sounds like she's shit out of luck, right? Good thing the Lowlands have a new group of defenders who aren't afraid to stand up to the gangs. Get ready for the action packed debut of the Vandals!

Mon 19th October 2020 7:30

Issue 0 _ Welcome to the Machine

Anything can happen in the neon soaked underbelly of Edge City, even so, it seems like an unlikely place to kickstart the Golden Age of heroes. What choice do you have, though? The Canyons aren't going to save themselves and you're armed with a powerful weapon that the city forgot a long time ago; hope.

The Protagonists

Rani Rao

Joni Whelan

Wendy Baker


Yeti Boy Colton Buchanan