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Devendra 'Dev' Rao

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Dev Rao, father of Kinetic, is a low-level tech support worker and veteran of The Anarcho-Republican Wars. Born and raised in The Beltway, Dev enlisted in the military straight out of high school to serve the Newly formed North American Alliance as a communications officer. His unit was ambushed by seditionist forces, and he was critically injured in the raid. He is paralyzed from the waist down and, unable to afford prosthetics, relies on a wheelchair for mobility.


Dev is currently employed as a remote service tech for Krader Security Solutions, a subsidiary of Zaibatsu Tech. He is responsible for routine systems screening and remote software maintenance for a small fleet of security drones.

Mental Trauma

Dev suffers from Post-traumatic stress disorder from his experiences at war. He manages his symptoms with a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, drugs, and monthly M.E.R.C.E.R. Box sessions with his primary practitioner.   Dev's wife Angela was killed during a robbery when their daughter was 10 years old.
Current Location
Dark brown

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