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The Mighty Menagerie

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Dierde
11/28/2020 | Full
A Tortle was visited by a goddess and given gift, while two Tabaxi find strange items in their possession. A Leonin who wants to keep his kingdom at peace, and a wizard seeking to learn all he can of a rare elven fighting style. Come together and help a young Faun save her village.

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  • * Dierde World Map (Biomes Equirectangular) | MAIN
    Dierde World Map | Equirectangular (Biomes)
  • Area Map | Carrune (Hand Drawn, c. 0KC)

    Carrune Drawn Map circa 0KC

      This is one of the most accurate maps of recent times. It is currently not available to the public of Dierde, but it is the most representative of the lands. It was one of the many commissioned by The Last Great King.
  • Area Map | Oth'Mar (Hand Drawn, c. 0KC)

    Oth'Mar Drawn Map circa 0KC

      This is one of the most accurate maps of recent times. It is currently not available to the public of Dierde, but it is the most representative of the lands. It was one of the many commissioned by The Last Great King.
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Sessions Archive

26th Nov 2022

Session 41: At Jacoby's Hideout

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5th Nov 2022

Session 40: Beneath River's Keep

Turns out Jacoby stole Sas's father and is willing to trade him for the book, the party risks going through his teleportation mirror.

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8th Oct 2022

Session 39: A Father & Daughter Reunited, Briefly

The party finds odd happenings in the dungeons. Guards and prisoners were all asleep. Then they find Sas' father -- who is then taken away by some Leonin.

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24th Sep 2022

Session 38: Under the Abandoned Keep

The exploration of the dungeon under the keep continues.

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10th Sep 2022

Session 37: Jacoby & Jeets at the Keep

At the keep the party finds that Jacoby is still alive and Jeets is still doing missions.

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13th Aug 2022

Session 36: Journey to a Keep

The party goes to clear a keep and start its restoration

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30th Jul 2022

Session 35: Lost Time

The party leaves the Feywild, years later it turns out. Also they discover that there was corruption in Skola Vale's government.

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16th Jul 2022

Session 34: Planting a Seed

To have the Hag assist they made a deal and fought a Behir then planted some mysterious seed at the site of darkfell pools in the Feywild.

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18th Jun 2022

Session 33: Spider Forest of the Feywild

On the way to a hag the party finds an ettercap and it's flock of spiders, it seems it might have escaped a strange botanist...

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4th Jun 2022

Session 32: Curses! Bunnies! Ugly Giants!

The party gets to the forest and are encountered by a large flock of almiraj running from some fomorians.

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20th May 2022

Session 31: Stop Hitting Yourself

The party is ambushed by a trap laid by Therros and fight doppelgangers of themselves.

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30th Apr 2022

Session 30: The Siblings Affair

The party meets Shadow's brother, Beast, who has some secrets and interest in a book from Grognard.

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26th Mar 2022

Session 29: The Feywild and Meenlocks

The party goes off to find the Meenlocks.

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25th Feb 2022

Session 28: Skola Vale Fair

The party decides to enjoy some time at the fair as they wait to see if there is any possible way to finish fixing the problem with Skola Vale and the Feywild.

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11th Feb 2022

Session 27: The Infamous Bargle

The party meets Bargle who seems to be from another world, he seeks these orbs for personal power as his Satyr friend seeks them to help his patron, Tharizdun to destroy all of the known world.

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29th Jan 2022

Session 26: The Ziggurat of Tharizdun

The party discover a lost temple to Tharizdun.

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15th Jan 2022

Session 25: Tharizdun

The Party learns about followers of a dark god who have been involved in the rainforest problems.

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1st Jan 2022

Session 24: Dead Archfey Relic

The party discovers a long-hidden corpse of a powerful archfey.

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18th Dec 2021

Session 23: Red Dragon Ambush

On the way to Forlione the party is attacked by a red dragon who agreed to attack the party, and Bastion learns a bit about his heritage.

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20th Nov 2021

Session 22: The Elder of the Vale

The Elder of the Vale and Dawngreets meets the party at the Yawning Portal and they head to Forlione.

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23rd Oct 2021

Session 21: The Yawning Portal

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9th Oct 2021

Session 20: An Errand for a Tree

The party meets a treant who could use their assistance.

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25th Sep 2021

Session 19: The Party Goes Troll Hunting

After arriving in Wideberth the party goes to hunt trolls for some cash as they wait for the people from Reginald's kingdom.

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11th Sep 2021

Session 18: Ship Battles with An Old Foe

As the party heads to Wideberth they are attacked by an old "friend" believed to have died.

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21st Aug 2021

Session 17: The End of Jacoby…

Jacoby attacks the party on the ship after they leave Outding Refuge.

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7th Aug 2021

Session 16: A New Member, A New Quest

As Outding Refuge is able to rebuild after the end of the winter phenomenon the party meets a new friend who needs their help.

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10th Jul 2021

Session 15: Jacoby's a Changed "Man"

The party finds out the Wizard is not happy with their intrusion and they then find that Jacoby has ambushed them on their way back home

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12th Jun 2021

Session 14: Mindflayer Colonies & Wizard Hideouts

The party continues to investigate the Wizard's Hideout and then finds the abandoned colony

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15th May 2021

Session 13: Into the Underdark

The party bids farewell to the Myconids and heads into the Underdark.

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1st May 2021

Session 12: Under the Ruins

The party returns to the dungeon under the ruins.

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17th Apr 2021

Session 11: Let's Find the Colony

The party begins to explore the caverns under the ruins

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3rd Apr 2021

Session 10: The Baron

Now the party felt ready to face the Sahuagin Baron

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20th Mar 2021

Session 09: It was a Mindflayer, all along

The party finds the dragon and sees how it is locked in a battle of wills with a mindflayer that is trying to control it

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6th Mar 2021

Session 08: Off to see the Dragon

The party goes to recon on the dragon situation with Lars

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20th Feb 2021

Session 07: Heyton's Redemption

The party goes to the ruins in the hopes of finding Lars Heyton.

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6th Feb 2021

Session 06: Return to the Crypts

The new party revisits the crypts.

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23rd Jan 2021

Session 05: New Member

The party returns to the crypt and they discover a captive who will take Reginald's place as he gets called back home.

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9th Jan 2021

Session 04: The Crypts

The party enters the crypts under the Church.

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19th Dec 2020

Session 03: Sahuagin Threat

The party goes to handle the Sahuagin Crystal situation.

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12th Dec 2020

Session 02: Gambling Trip

Level up to 2   Gamble at The Psychotic Frog in Heyton's Thorpe.

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28th Nov 2020

Session 01: Shipwrecked

The Individuals become a party as they head to Eurashia for different reasons. Instead of getting there they are sidetracked and shipwrecked.

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20th Nov 2020

Session 00: Backstories

All the backstories...

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The Protagonists

King Regent Reginald Ivoryclaw

Bastion Bladesinger


Sas W.T. Rayce

Calliope Galanodel


Shadow in the Snow