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We Have No Class

A Homebrew / In Development game In the world of Scarterra
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Supporting Cast
  • Aleesia the satyr
    Attractive, flirty earthy/watery satyr that provided useful information
  • Revered Mother Alexandra Frymar
    Alexndra Frymar is coordinating the defense of Fumaya's border with Swynfaredia and is essentially the mission briefer for Kormatin's spy hunts.
  • Lord Andrej Zimoz
    Andrej is the heir apparent to the Duchy of Zimoz. He is a skilled warrior and a competent leader. He accompanied the PCs when they journeyed to hte Dungeon of Guldor to requisition the supplies there.
  • Avon ap Gruffyl
    Weasle looking skinny schemer hiding behind layers of illusion magic
  • Baron Fyodor Deorac IV
    Old personable Baron who hates Swynfaredians. Helped Kormatin coordinate anti-Swynfaredian activities.
  • Lord Bohdan Wiern
    Heir apparent of the Duchy of Wiern. Generally quiet and somewhat dim witted and/or illattentive, at as far as Kormatin noticed
  • Brigid
    Young Swynfaredian woman with heterochromia who wants to defect from Swynfaredia. Suspects she might be Kormatin's half-brother. She is a neophyte invoker, illusionist, and favored soul.
  • Green Reverend Brynn
    Green Reverend Brynn is the most powerful Steward in Fumaaya, both politically and magically. She mostly concerns herself with training new initiates and lets Hahn handle the day-to-day affairs of the Stewards in King's Lake and the rest of Fumaya.
  • Carcelli
    Carecelli is an attractive wizard priest of Greymoria in King's Lake. She helped the PCs oppose Etch's criminal organization by providing information and discounted potions.
  • Duke Cezerary Zimoz
    Duke Zimoz is a vassal to King Henryk and the ruler of the Duchy of Zimoz in the northern region of Fumaya. He is an ally of the PCs given that the PCs have aided them multiple times. Duke Zimoz is 48 years old and has the build of a powerful warrior gone to seed.
  • Etch
    Shapechanger crime lord who was captured by the PCs and executed by the king.
  • Lady Felijca Wiern
    Youngest child of Wiern family. Openly threw a thinly veiled insult at Kormatin during a formal dinner. Later, Kormatin followed an unrelated lead and unmasked her as the leader of a cell of @[the Decadents](organization:d33a1b11-a835-414c-8383-ff3ba182f6ea).  Her father tried her and sentenced her to banishment (instead of death like her confederates got).
  • Duke Garland Wiern
    The Duke of the Duchy of WIern, met with Kormatin briefly.
  • Hahn
    Hahn is a major figure in the political and ecclesiastical scene of King's Lake though he has yet to have any meaningful interaction with any PCs.
  • King of Fumaya Henryk Linijka
    The young king is a just man that is coping with the harsh realities of realpolitik and trying to rebuild his realm's finances after his father's years of waste while coping with many external problems in his nation.
  • Queen Janah Wiern
    Wife of King Henryk. Neshik, Aranil, and Svetlanna met her at a formal banquet but didn't interact with her much. She was heavily pregnant at the time and very retiring. Eldest child of Duke Garland Wiern. Kormatin never met Janah but got to here Duke WIern gush about how wonderful his daughter is.
  • Royal Advisor Jaromir
    Jaromir is a high priest and elder statesmen who is the leader of Fumaya's Keepers and a trusted advisor to King Henryk.
  • Nanda Frymar
    Duke Nanda Frymar is a middle age nobleman, lord of the duchy of Frymar. He is a middle aged man of medium build who takes effort to project an air of wealth and prestige. The PCs have written him off for being somewhat of a jerk
  • Noggra the Tengku
    Like most tengku, a black feathered avian humanoid, slightly more well built and muscular
  • Reeyak the Tengku
    Reeyak is a middle aged Tengku merchant living in the City of King's Lake. He often deals in shady mercantile activities but he detests violence. He is sympathetic to the PCs because they helped stop some criminals dealing in stolen Tengku eggs.
  • Rhianna ap Gareth
    Tall, athletic, beautiful spy now in captivity
  • Count Rohdri ap Gruffyl
    Handsome older man of medium height and build
  • Lord Tactitus Wiern
    Middle child of the Wiern family. Provided modest aid to Kormatin's investigation on the staff of Castle Wiern
  • Talon Warrior Meuric
    Slightly athletic but mostly nondescript looking
  • Brother Tihalt
    Tihalt is a novice theurgist Guardian who is also an archer and a blacksmith. He was assigned to help Kormatin hunt down Swynfaredian spies in southern Fumaya.
  • Marshal Udom
    Udom is a holy warrior of Khemra who was reassigned from protecting the temple in King's Lake to serving as marshal of Duke Zimoz's men at arms due to the political machinations of Neshik. Udom likes his new job and is a staunch ally of the Neshik and his companions.
  • Ujarek the Tester
    Ujarek is the token representative of the public Testers in Fumaya. He spends at least as much time in the wilderness as he does in his temple and sells reagents, scrolls, potions furs, and meats to whomever has coin. Including on one occasion, Neshik. He has also captured a Decadent that Kormatin missed and gave him to Kormatin to present to the king and warn of half-baked attempt to try to poison the Queen or her children.
  • Vusnitt
    Vusnitt was the power behind the throne of Etch's criminal enterprise and is the only major member of that broken organization still at large.
  • Wenham
    Wenham was the chief enforcer of Etch's criminal empire before the PCs killed him.

The Protagonists


Sister Ragani