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Lord Avon ap Gruffyl

A non-inheriting dragon blood of House Gruffyl, he is a nephew of Count Rohdri ap Gruffyl via a squib brother.   He was captured skulking around the Duchy of Wiern collecting demographic information from villagers living near the Swynfaredian border but when captured, Talon Warrior Meuric took full responsibility for all crimes.   King Henryk Linijka released him for a heavy ransom payment thinly veiled as a legal fine which Avon promptly took out a loan from the Masks to pay.   He has demonstrated Object Seeming, a third circle Illusion Spell, as well as Disguise Self, Fake Magic Aura, and Invisibiliy.   He has demonstrated the ability to cast Cause Fear, a first circle Necromancy spell.  

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is skinny and kind of ugly for his age, looking the very image of the scheming vizier no one should trust.   He uses disguise self often to make himself appear handsome and strong.

Weasle looking skinny schemer hiding behind layers of illusion magic

Character Location
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Current Location
Year of Birth
1804 CE 34 Years old

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Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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