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Wenham the dead criminal

Wenham was an orphan or abandoned child growing up on the hard streets. He eventually fell in with a band of pick pockets under the ironfisted rule of a Fagin-like petty crime lord. After a few years of living through that misery, Wenham murdered his gang’s boss and took over.   His combination of cunning and ruthlessness made him one of the most powerful and feared thieves in Fumaya. Although he had respect and fear, he rarely had wealth. Eventually attracting Etch’s attention. Armed with Etch’s insider information and connections, Wenham is enjoying a higher life style than he ever had. In return he was Etch’s top enforcer before both he and Etch died   Wenham was a ruthless bastard, but he has one weakness which he sees as a strength. His original crew of child pickpockets, now adults. They are his brothers. His loyalty to Etch is conditional on the welfare of his brothers.  That was ultimately the thread Neshik and Aranil pulled on to cause their criminal organization to unravel.

Wenham was the chief enforcer of Etch's criminal empire before the PCs killed him.

Character Location
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Current Location
Year of Birth
1809 CE 28 Years old
Circumstances of Death
killed by Svetlanna the Half-Orc in battle

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