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Etch the dead crimelord

As a youth, the doppelganger Etch was a late bloomer into developing his/her shape changing abilities. When s/he took on disguises they would often slip at inopportune moments and this led to him/her getting bullied and beaten up, in some cases nearly killed while shouting at him/her that Etch was a “demon lover.” Foolish humans, don’t they realize that the doppelgangers rid themselves of the Infernalist race traitors centuries ago?   Etch wasn’t satisfied hiding in the system and merely surviving. Etch wanted to make the humans and other mono-forms pay for their crimes against doppelganger kind. Through hard work, Etch perfected his/her shape-changing powers. Other doppelgangers said Etch was being foolhardy. Etch ended up in Fumaya because it has relatively few doppelgangers and it represented a weak human government that would be easy to exploit.   Etch mostly impersonated poor people who were invisible to their betters in society, but being invisible let Etch gain knowledge and knowledge is power. Through a variety of guises, Etch became the leading underworld figure in Fumaya.   Etch’s proudest achievement is simultaneously becoming Fumaya’s two greatest crimelords (who of course are bitter rivals). Kroket Caskfoot (Guild of Shadows), an outcast Dwarf and Bledig (Black Hand), a disowned Swynfaredian who was beaten and abused and thrown out for having no sorcerous talent. Most of his minions believe they work for Caskfoot or Bledig. If Etch needs to cut a minion loose, said minion will invariably die on the orders of his boss’ rival.   Etch’s other favorite aliases included Ablinka, a lowly human serving wench. Tadeas, surly human laborer/low level enforcer, and Vasati, an attractive and flirtatious but seemingly naïve wood elf maiden on Rumspringa.

Personality Characteristics


Get rich off of the stupid and amoral humans

Shapechanger crime lord who was captured by the PCs and executed by the king.

Character Location
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Current Location
1787 CE 1837 CE 50 years old
Circumstances of Death
He was captured by the PCs and executed on the orders of King Henryk
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
150 pounds

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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