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Chapter 13

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The streets of the city were filled with people. The night was young, at least in the mind of some.  Jeffery and Azeon were maneuvering through the crowd, hand in hand. Loudly laughing and smiling to each other. Jeffery didn't know how he was so lucky, he had found the love of his life. He had found a new hobby, visiting opera's. Which became rather easy when the aunt of his boyfriend was the Dragon King. 

"Are you really going to tell me that you liked this one?" Azeon said, disbelieve rang through his voice. Jeffery shook his head, no he didn't like this opera.

"The only thing I liked about it was that I could spend that time with you." Jeffery replied, which was the truth. This opera was an adaptation, of the legend of the last Mistling, a monster that walked through the forests of Mirror World. Those creatures eat away the souls of their victims, and they didn't care who or what that victim was. Still the adaptation was done poorly, the singing terrible and the costumes contained too much glitter.

"Glad to hear that, because otherwise I would have doubted your taste." Azeon said with a large grin on his face.

"My taste in what, in entertainment or in men?" Jeffery asked. Azeon bumped against him. 

"You know what I mean." Azeon said, Jeffery indeed knew what he meant. But it was so fun to tease him a little.

"Sorry I don't." Jeffery said, and Azeon narrowed his eyes. Jeffery started to giggle. "Alright I do know what you mean. But no this show was in one word terrible." Azeon nodded.

"I indeed want to know who wrote this one, better yet who directed this." Azeon said. "So that I can avoid, their future work." 

"So that we can avoid their future work." Jeffery said. Azeon frowned for a short moment. Jeffery knew what he was doing, he was back tracking his own words.

"Unicorn crap. I said is again. I am so sorry, I mean we." Azeon said, her lowered his head. Jeffery knew that he didn't want to exclude him, Azeon had lived a half life after he was betrayed by his former boyfriend. Who lied and stole from him. Azeon needed to learn how to life fully again and to include others.

"I knew what you meant, so do not worry about it." Jeffery said, squeezing Azeon's hand slightly. Azeon sighed deeply and nodded, with his head still lowered. Jeffery hated Azeon's last boyfriend with every fiber in his body, he never met the man and for his sake he hoped he never will. Azeon raised his head up and gave Jeffery a smile that didn't reach his eyes.

"I didn't deserve you." He whispered, before he turned his attention towards the crowd. He froze mid-step, and his eyes were wide in shock. Jeffery's gaze followed his, and he saw two men walking out of a restaurant. Jeffery could see from the pale complexion that this were vampires, but that was not so strange. They were in the Vampire district after all. The two men looked at them, and they also froze.

"Unicorn crap." Jeffery cursed. He now knew who they were Darren aka Azeon's ex-boyfriend and Malik Darren's husband. Only their frozen state didn't last long, or at least not long enough.

"Look what we have here." One of the two said, when they were close enough. Jeffery didn't know who was who. But if the trembling of Azeon's hand made him suspect that this was Darren. Malik looked at them and shook his head.

"Come on. I do not want any more trouble." Malik said. Jeffery studied them both, if somebody had told him that they were brothers Jeffery would have believed them. The both of them had short cropped black hair, and piercing white eyes. 

"We are just talking, aren't we Azeon." Darren teased. Jeffery felt the blood in his veins boil. "We were once so close."

"Darren that is enough." Malik snapped, he was clearly not happy with that statement. But Darren didn't listen, instead his attention shifted to Jeffery.

"And who do we have here. Azeon's latest toyboy." Darren said with a mean grin on his face. "Did he tell you about me? Or about the others he bedded." Jeffery narrowed his eyes. He knew from Azeon and Andera that there were no other men after Darren. But that somebody had spread those rumors to put Azeon in a bad light. But Jeffery nodded, he just was going to play along.

"He told and aunt Epoa told me." Jeffery said, Azeon looked to the ground. "And I do not care." Jeffery let go of Azeon's hand. "But let me give you one word of advice." 

"Advice, what can you advise me. Little pup." Darren said. Jeffery grabbed Darren by the coat, with his hands on fire. Darren started to scream like a little girl.

"Stay away from Azeon. Or I will burn you to a crisp, and note I will not do it quickly." Jeffery said, hoping that Darren would take the message. He looked at Malik. "Keep that piece of banshee dung, that you call a husband out of my sight." Malik nodded, and Jeffery let go of Darren. The flames on his coat died down, but still left their mark. "Well, did I not make myself clear?" Jeffery looked at both men, who turned and run away. Azeon looked at Jeffery in shock. 

"You just threaten a citizen of Goticha. Are you mad?" Azeon shook his head. He knew that what he has just done was bad, but he didn't care about that.

"I think aunt Epoa and the Mistress will understand." Jeffery said, his gaze went to the shadows. His eyes made contact with a young wizard, telling her that he will report on his actions himself. The woman nodded and left to spy on somebody else. "Nobody treats you like banshee dung, when I am around you." Azeon wrapped his arms around Jeffery.

"Did I ever tell you, that I love you?" Azeon whispered in Jeffery's ear. He had said it when they made love.

"You have, but that those not mean that I do not want to hear it again." Jeffery replied, he sighed. "Let's go to the palace, I need to tell Aunt Epoa what I have done." Azeon frowned. "It is something I want to tell her myself." Jeffery said and Azeon sighed. 

"I really do not deserve you." 




A knock landed on the front door, Nora lay on the sofa. Her chest softly raising and fallen. Jeffery was out with Azeon, to one of those opera's. Another knock landed on the door, Eviar opened it.s8

"Good afternoon, Eviar. Sorry that I kept on knocking, but your mother told me that Nora and you were home alone." Andera stood on the other side. Eviar nodded, they were indeed home alone. But Nora had warned herself out during training and fell a sleep as soon Jeffery had shot the front door behind him. "Can I come in?"

"Nora is laying on the sofa." Eviar said, and Andera nodded. 

"I have indeed heard that she pushed herself again. But your mother suspect there is something else going on. That is why I am here." Andera said. Eviar bit softly on his lip, but he step aside. Andera entered the house and went straight to Nora. Who woke up, when Eviar shot the door. "Good afternoon, Nora." Andera said softly to her. Eviar started to turn one of the chairs towards the sofa, so that Andera could sit. "How are you feeling?" Nora didn't say anything. "Let me guess, you are a bit dizzy. Your stomach is in an uproar, and you are tired all the time." Nora nodded slowly, Eviar's eyes narrowed. Those questions sounded very specific. 

"Do you think that she caught some kind of bug?" Eviar asked. Andera started to laugh.

"No, she is not sick. At least if you do not count the morning sickness." Andera said, and Eviar's eyes grew wide. Morning sickness? Wait that means... No it can not mean... It can't be. They used protection, after all. He started to walk up and down, he stopped for a moment opened up his mouth to say something. To shot it after a few seconds and started to pass again. This couldn't be happening, they were too young for this. All those thoughts it started to blend together, then he stopped turned around. What was he thinking, he couldn't shut down like this. Nora needed him, now more than ever. "Do not eat yourself up about this, you are not the first man who reacts like this." Andera said with a wide grin. "You also will not be the last one." Eviar's attention went to Nora's pale and slightly green face.

"I will grab a bucket, and make some tea." He said quickly, and almost ran away. He hopped that the endless stream of thought would leave him, as soon as he came back at Nora's side. Alias this was not the case. He placed the bucket next to the sofa, holding on the warm cup of tea.

"Eviar, I know that you are worried about her. But it is what it is. You two are expecting a baby." Andera said. "This is a blessing, a baby from two very strong wizards." He wanted to ask for how it was a blessing, right now it didn't feel like one. But that was his opinion, he didn't know how Nora was feeling at the moment.

"Nora how are you feeling right now." Eviar wanted to know what currently went on in her mind. Was she as freaked out as he was? Probably, but he wanted to know for sure.

"I will a feel a lot better, if I get that tea." Nora said. Eviar had forgotten the tea in his hands, and handed it to her. 

"Sorry." He said and she shook her head.

"Like the Mistress said. You are not the first, nor will you be the last man who reacts like this." She said, she sounded so sure. "I know that we are both very young, but all we can do is take this step by step." He saw something in her eyes, something he has not seen since... Since he died. He knew that she was hunted by the memories of that day. But maybe she could chase those memories away and look with wide eyes to the future. "Mistress is there some kind of spell that calms my stomach. I will feel better if I am not so sick all the time." Andera nodded and started to chant something. Something he did not know, was this ancient magic? But before he could ask her about it, a sound went off. Andera grabbed her phone out of her pocket.

"What is wrong?" Andera said when she put the device to her ear. A voice came through. "I see, I will be right there. Yes I will bring Nora and Eviar with me."  She looked at them and nodded towards the door. "We will leave right now." Eviar helped Nora get on her feet and the three of them left the house.

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