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Chapter 4

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The smell of fresh roasted coffee, and baked bacon, started to fill the whole house. Which made Nora's stomach growl, maybe this was because she had slept all day. Jeffery placed a mug inside her hands. 

"Here you go." He said, she saw a huge grin on his face. "Did you have a good night sleep?" He asked. The smile was still on his face. Was he happy that they were safe, or was he laughing about something else?

"Is there something on my face?" She asked, her free hand came up to her face. He grabbed it and shook his head. 

"No there is nothing on your face." He said, he started to laugh softly. She wanted to ask why is he being smiling from ear to ear. But then she spotted Eviar, or rather said he walked out of the kitchen. He was wearing a light pink apron, decorated with small cat heads. It was something so simple and yet so funny to see. She started to laugh too, Eviar looked at them with a glower on his face.

"I didn't want my new cloths dirty, and this was the only one I could find." Eviar growled a little. "Come up, I have baked pancakes." Nora's stomach started to growl again. With a big grin on her face, she walked towards the kitchen and almost attacked the plate. She didn't know that she was this hungry. "If you need more, I can make it without any problem." Eviar said, he had probably seen the hungry gleam in her eyes.

"Thank you." She said, and started to dig in. A knock landed on the door, Jeffery who stood the nearest by the door. Walked over and opened it.

"Good afternoon, everyone. Ohh I smell pancakes." The High Witch Andera walked into the house. 

"Do you want a cup of coffee, Mistress?" Eviar asked, he was already walking towards a cabinet to grab a mug.

"Yes, thank you, Eviar." Andera said, with a genuine smile on her face. "You look very dashing in that apron." Nora looked at the woman, she had seen her last night. But she was so tired at that moment. The woman had a dark amber skin, her hair was hidden under a headscarf in bright colors. The amber eyes were gleaming with power. Nora did not need anybody to tell her that this woman was powerful, she could see that right away. Eviar gave her the coffee, and Andera thanked him for it with a sweet smile. "Nora when you are done eating, please join use in the living room. There is something I want to tell you all." The woman said and Nora nodded. Shoving the last pieces of the pancake in her mouth. She really wants to hear what the strong woman has to say. 


Nora sat down in one of the three chairs. Who were turned around to face the sofa, who was also turned. 

"Alright, what I'm going to tell you three, you maybe already know. But still I am going to tell it anyway." Andera started, and she looked at all three of them. "It is about the history of magic, in general." Eviar opened his mouth to say something, but Andera stopped him. "Please, let me tell this, it makes things so much easier to explain." She said and Eviar nodded. "Alright our story begins in the Era of Fear. In this Era there were monsters like the Mistlings and the Stormdigo's that hold everybody of the nine kingdoms. Although the nine kingdoms didn't exist back then, but you get the picture." Everyone nodded. "Well in the beginning of that Era our ancestors didn't have any magic to speak off. We were just humans, dropped in this dimension. We were not slaves, like the poor humans are now. But we will not cover that aspect of how wrong that is. At least not for now. Let's go back to that Era and the fact that we didn't have any magic. So easy to say, we were easy pray for those monsters. One night a group of humans, started to plea with the God of their world. But He has no power here, so one of the Gods answered the call. Which God well that is up for debate, one that is not important right now." Andera's eyes started to sparkle. Nora remembered that Eviar had told her, that Andera loved a good debate. So she couldn't wait to see her in action. But for now she wanted to hear the rest of the story. "Let just say, that the God gave them magic. So that they could defend themselves. The magic was not divided in four, different types of magic. No it was one kind, later the humans, now wizards, developed the four styles of magic we see to day. Elemental to control the elements, Necromancy to bring back the dead and to cure the wounded, and Lunar magic to kill." Andera took a deep breath of air. 

"But there is a fifth type of magic." Jeffery said. "The wizards in Spegikhio are not using one of the types you just described." Andera nodded.

"That is a good argument. Those wizards are indeed not using the four types of magic. What they're using is called ancient magic, they need a spell to excess it. So it is the same type as we use, but only they need a magic spell to excess it, and we do not. This is because the magic has become a second nature for use, it is as normal as breathing the air. I do not know why they do not have this. So I will leave it there." Andera said, Jeffery tilted his head. Clearly he wanted to know more about that form of magic. Still her didn't say anything else. "Good where was I?" Andera asked herself. "O, yes the four types of magic." She said and took another sip of her now empty cup. "Can I have another cup of coffee please?" Eviar mother already rushed to Andera's side with a pot filled with coffee. "Thank you, Mother Martha." Eviar's mother bowed her head and backed up. "Good, you see that the four types of magic are in a perfect balans with each other. The Elemental magic has its count parts already in place. Fire is the opposite of water, and the same goes for earth and air. Necromancy and Lunar Magic didn't have that kind of luxury. Instead of having that balans inside their own magic, they need to seek it in each others. So where the Necromancy brings people back from the death and heals the sick and wounded. The Lunar magic is there to kill, and cause harm." Nora nodded slowly, and she started to understand what Andera was saying.

"So my magic is not unnatural, it is there to balans out the magic of the moon?" Nora asked and Andera nodded. 

"I knew you were a smart cookie, but you are correct. No magic in this world is unnatural." Andera's eyes gleamed with pride. "But good, now we have the wizards, and they didn't think twice to use their new gift to slay the monsters. Which marks the end of the Era of Fear and the start of the Era of War. Where brother turns against brother. It is here that Wizards started to turn on each other, claiming that their type of magic is the best. They started to kill the once they thought were lesser than them, the Elemental Wizards started to kill the Necromancers. And the male wizards with Lunar magic started to kill the women with the same type of magic. Thinking that they were the only once to deserve the magic, because they were the stronger sex. They forced the women underground, and we never left. Not even when the Era of the Dragon Lords began." She stopped with speaking for a short moment, at least for a little while. Then she focused her attention on Eviar. "Do you now see why it was so hard to change this Coven. To let them except man back into our Coven. This is why your mother took you away from use." Eviar nodded and sighed. 

"I am trying to understand her reasoning." Eviar said.

"That all you need to do for now. But good, of course you are honored guests of the Lunar Coven. But that those not mean that you can sit back and relax. You mister." Andera pointed towards Jeffery. "You told Valenthia that you are gay, is this true?" Jeffery nodded. "Alright good to know. I told you already that this was a woman only Coven." Jeffery nodded again. "Well you may ask why we are still excisting?" This time Jeffery shook his head. 

"Not really. I figured out that women are venturing out in source of a suitable father for their child." Jeffery said as if it was the most normal thing to do in the nine kingdoms. Maybe in his mind it was. "I also think to know what you want from me." Jeffery said. "You want for me to sleep with one of those women, to create a new member of your Coven." Andera nodded. 

"But not in the way you think. You do not have to sleep with someone, you always can donate seed." Andera said. Jeffery closed his eyes and kept them closed. Long enough for Nora to think that he had fallen a sleep. But then he opened them.

"Can I think about it?" He asked and Andera nodded.

"Of course, you can. I didn't suspect an answer right away." Andera replied. Now she focused on Nora and Eviar. "Normally I would have asked you the same thing. But I think that you Nora are not ready for bearing a child." Nora nodded, she was only eighteen, and she was not sure if she wanted to have children. "Still you three are going to keep up with your training. Practice your magic, learn the Lunar magic as well. Nora, please teach them the beauty of the Necromancy magic." Andera said. "And tomorrow you three will be guests during a banquet, inside the Dragon King's court." She said, and before they could say anything about it. She stood up and left the house. 

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