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Chapter 14

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Jeffery jumped from one foot to another, he just had told aunt Epoa what he had done to Darren. She had smiled at him, all was it briefly. But after that a servant had run into the throne room and had whispered something into aunt Epoa's ear. Something that was rather important because she had called Andera right away. They were now waiting for her. Azeon grabbed his arm.

"Can you stop that, you are making me nervous." Azeon said. Jeffery sighed and stopped jumping up and down.

"I do not understand why we needed to wait here, if these are matters of state..." Jeffrey started.

"If these are matters of state, then it is our duty as members of the Royal family to be here." Azeon said calmly. "I am sorry, that I didn't tell you sooner. But you are my boyfriend that makes you part of the Royal family of Goticha." 

"But a few hours ago was I just a guest of this kingdom, that is why I needed to report my actions to Aunt Epoa." Jeffery snapped at him.

"Both facts are true, Jeffery." Aunt Epoa answered in Azeon's place. "You are a member of my family, and until you marry Azeon you will be a guest of this kingdom. I know that this is a bit confusing, I am a bit confused myself." Jeffery nodded to her. 

"Then I am glad that I am not the only one." Jeffery said, he was truthy glad that she had told him this. The doors swung open and Andera came into the room. Only she was not alone, she had a very pale looking Eviar and Nora with them. Jeffery wondered what had happened to them. He knew that Nora was very tired when he left earlier this evening, but that was something that happened a lot.

"Your highness we are here, like you requested." Andera said. Aunt Epoa stand up from her trone.

"Thank you, Mistress." Aunt Epoa said it with so much love in her voice. Jeffery was so touched by it. "I called you all here, because we have guests." Her hand went to the same door, who opened up again. This time it showed Abby and Michell, with an unknown nightmare man. 

"Abby, Michell!" He left Azeon's side and run towards his sister and little brother. He was glad to see them once again, something he had thought it would never happen. 

"Jeffery." Abby wrapped her arms around him. "What am I glad to see you." She let go off him and sighed. "We needed to flee as well. The council is planning to kill all the Necromancers." Jeffery nodded, that was nothing new. They have hunted Necromancers since the Era of war. But Abby shook her head. "They are not going hunt them down one by one. They are planning to attack the Negromanti compound."

"What!" Nora yelled. "But that is against the law. I even doubt that Master Goodwing is willing to do this." Abby looked at Nora.

"They know it is against the law, that is why Michell and I needed to run. Our father those not agree with the council and went straight to the Dragon King Mira Crimson." Abby said. "And I doubt that Master Goodwing has a choice." Jeffery looked at Aunt Epoa how looked at Abby with large eyes. 

"I need to call Mira." Aunt Epoa said. "Formal introductions can wait." Aunt Epoa jumped up and left the room. Jeffery looked at Azeon and sighed.

"Well that happened." Azeon said and he walked towards the Nightmare man. "Thank you for taking care of my family." He said. The man bowed. Jeffery looked at Abby, who in turn looked at him with wide eyes. He shrugged, and smiled.

"I didn't know that she was your family, Lord Azeon. But I was glad to help a young woman and her little brother." The man said. "Please for all that is good in this world, stop those stuck op wizards." The man bowed and left them. 

"Jeffery, explain." Abby said. Jeffery started to laugh, Azeon walked over to Abby and Michell.

"It is nice to finally meet you, Abby and Michell Night. I am your brother's boyfriend, Azeon Ombre." Azeon offered them both a hand. "Let's get to my room, so that we can relax as my aunt makes her call."


Michell lay on Azeon's bed, he was fast asleep. Azeon had left the room to get some food.

"So he is the cousin of the Dragon King, how raised him after his parents died. You are calling the Dragon King aunt, because you are part of the Royal family now." Abby said, and Jeffery nodded.

"That is a nice summery of the whole story." Jeffery said with a grin. Nora lay on the bed next to Michell. She was not sleeping, but was about too. Jeffery sighed. "Nora is everything alright with you." She nodded. 

"She is fine." Eviar said, Jeffery looked at him. There was something going on here, and he didn't know what it was. "The Mistress came by the house, when my mother had voiced her concerns about Nora." Jeffery nodded slowly.

"I am pregnant." Nora said, and Jeffery's heart stopped for a moment. Nora was pregnant, and they just heard that her people faced a huge treat. But then his heart started beating once again, as Azeon stepped into the room. 

"Aunt Epoa, has finished her phone call with Mira Crimson Dragon King of Achua. She confirms what Abby just told use, which we never doubted." Azeon said to Abby. "Your father, Master Goodwing and the Dragon King are doing everything in their power to stop the Element Coven to execute their plan. But with little success." Jeffery nodded. 

"Then we need to go back and fight alongside the Necromancers." Abby said, Jeffery felt a glimmer of pride for his brave sister. 

"I hear you Abby I do, but that may not be such a good idea." Eviar said. "Not in Nora's condition, at least."

"What about Nora's condition?" Azeon asked, that was right he was not in the room when Nora told them that she was with child.

"I am with child." Nora said, her voice thick with sleep. "But I want to fight too, Eviar. We are talking about my Coven, my family. Our child's family." She lay her hand on her belly. "I need to fight." Eviar sat down next to her.

"Close your eyes, my love. We will talk about it in the morning." He said, Nora closed her eyes and fall a sleep. Eviar focused on Azeon. "You said that my father, Master Goodwing helps the Dragon King. So that means that he those not lead the Hunters, so my question is who is?" 

"One Casandera Raider." Azeon said. 

"Unicorn crap." Abby, Jeffery and Evair said. That was not good news. Jeffery looked at Eviar. 

"We will indeed talk about this in the morning." Jeffery said, Eviar nodded. 


Azeon and Jeffery had stepped out of the room. Abby had fallen a sleep in a chair. Evair sat in another chair, keeping watch over Nora. As if something will happen to her when she was in the most secure section of the palace. 

"I know you said that we are going to talk about it tomorrow, but I want to know your thoughts about it now." Azeon said. Jeffery nodded he had suspected this and sighed. What were his thoughts, on one hand he wants to stay. He wants to pretend that this was not happening. But on the other hand, he wanted to fight. He wanted to fight for his chosen sister's family.

"I do not know." Jeffery said, and he told Azeon everything that was on his mind. "What do you think?" 

"If you are going to fight, I am going to join you." Azeon said. Jeffery looked at him, his long black hair was caught by an unknown current. "But please let us get married first?" Jeffery's mouth fall open. Did he say get married? "I know we are not being together that long, but I want to be with you the rest of my life. How long or how short it may be." 

"Then I imagine you want kids too." Jeffery said, and Azeon nodded slowly. "I was just kidding." Jeffery started to sputter. But that was not entirely true, he was thinking about it too, ever since Andera said that he should think about it. Jeffery closed his eyes for a second, ever since he had met Nora his world had spun out of control. He didn't regret meeting her, he loved her like he loved Abby. But now here he was in a different kingdom, with a man of his dreams. Talking about marriage and kids. Was he ready for this step, he already knew the answer. He might not be ready to have children, he was ready to give this man his hand in marriage. "Alright let's get married, and let's do it now." Azeon looked at him puzzled. 

"What, now?" Azeon asked, and Jeffery nodded.

"Yes, now. Or were you joking?" Jeffery said, and Azeon slowly shook his head. 

"But the fight..." Azeon said, but Jeffery just shrugged his shoulders. "Alright then." 

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