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Chapter 12

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The sky was still filled with a sea of stars, and the moon shone its light inside the room. Abby rubbed her eyes, her night's rest was not one she wanted to repeat. But what had she expected from a night inside a house owned by a nightmare family. They had promised to not torment her little brother Michell, but they had not promised her the same thing. Still there home was a nice change after sleeping in the woods of the Kingdom of the Night. Which they were about to do when the father of this family had not found them. He had not asked her why she, a girl of seventeen and her little brother were in the woods alone. Still she had told him, and he had promised to bring them to the capital. Something she appreciated, because she had offered the last Acorns she had, but he didn't want it. Saying that kindness had no price, but he asked if he could get Michell's dream of that night. Saying that children's dreams were the sweetest and most priceless dreams. Abby sighed and moved the sheets off her and stood up, letting Michell sleep for a little longer. She bit softly on her lip, wondering how she got in the situation that she needed to watch out for him. Well the answer was simple, after her father had called her, telling that they needed to flee the kingdom. She had grabbed Michell and ran. She had told her mother was going on, but she had not believed her daughter. But she had not stopped Abby when run out of the house. She didn't wonder why her mother didn't stop her, she already knew that her mother didn't love her. But she had hoped that she had loved Michell, but her mother only loved herself. A knock landed on the door, and it opened up slightly. 

"Oh you are awake." The father of the family said. But she didn't detect any surprise in his voice. "My youngest daughter just told me that she had taken your dream. I am sorry about that, normally we will take a dream before it is time to wake up. Then the owner of that dream will not suffer any nightmares." His explanation puzzled her, nightmares were not called nightmares because they delivered nice dreams. "I have some cloths, and my wife is making a nice breakfast." He showed her the cloths in his hands. "There is a bathroom at the end of the hall, my family is currently downstairs and will not disturb you." 

"Thank you mister Mordish." Abby said, nodding her head when he stepped inside and lay the cloths on the bed. 

"There is nothing to thank me for, not after I promised you a good night's rest. Which you didn't get." Mister Mordish said, and Abby nodded towards Michell. 

"You gave use a bed to sleep in, warm food. Something we didn't have for several days." Abby said. "What is one night sleep." She meant what she had said. He gave her a smile and left the room. She left the room for a quick shower and then woke up Michell. She placed him under the shower, and that was no easy feed. He struggled against her like a spoiled brat, which he was. He had done nothing then complain, the whole trip. It was not his fault that their mother had spoiled him rotten. "Michell, please put on these cloths. So we can go downstairs and have some breakfast." Abby pleaded with him. But he simply shook his head.

"I do not want to get dressed, I do not want to have breakfast. I want to go home, I want my mommy." He said. 

"Michell that is not very nice, mister Mordish took use into his home, and it is impolite..." Abbby started. 

"I do not like mister Mordish, he is scary." Michell pouted. Abby could see that a nightmare could be scary to someone Michell's age. They were not very tall creatures, but their whole body was covered with black or very dark blue feathers. Inside their mouth they got large canines. But other than his appearance, mister Mordish had done nothing to scare them. 

"Michell. Mister Mordish has offered use a ride to the city. There is Jeffery, do you not want to see Jeffery?" Abby asked and the boy shock his head. Of course, he didn't want to see his big brother. He only had seen Jeffery two times in his life and both times it was not very pleasant. "But we will be safe there." Abby continued and Michell relented.

"I wanna go home." Michell pouted and Abby lowered her head. She had told him many times why they couldn't go home. It was simply too dangerous, they can be used as a shield for the council and its cronies. She had not expected that he would understand it, but she had hoped that he would stop asking about it. 

"Michell, you know that we can not go home. At least not yet, we need to wait until dad gives use a sign that it is safe." Abby said. The little boy nodded and they left the bedroom. The Mordish family was already downstairs, there were two children from around Michell's age playing with some toys. Madam Mordish stood inside the kitchen, which was filled with the smell of pancakes.

"Good morning you two." Madam Mordish said. "Sit down, and eat some pancakes." Michell sat down in one of the chairs and Abby placed herself next to him. The plates with pancakes were placed before their noses and Michell attacked the food like he was a wild animal. He did it with fork and knife in hand like he was a true gentleman, although in a small package. "My, my. Slow down, my dear. There is enough." But Michell didn't slow down.

"It is his first proper meal in days." Abby said with a sigh. "Except the one you gave use last night, that is. We have lived off candy and biscuits, and some food canned food that I was able to grab when we left home." Abby looked at her plate. She felt guilty for not taking better care of her little brother. 

"You did what you had to do to keep the both of you save. From what my husband told me you didn't had much time to plane your departure from home." Madam Mordish replied. "But do not worry about it now. You two are safe now, and will be reunited with your brother inside the capital." Abby nodded. "But first eat and then my husband will take you there." 

"I only do not know where to find the Lunar Coven." Mister Mordish said, when he entered the house. "They are somewhere in the city. But nobody knows where. So I will bring you to the palace, to the Mistress, she is the leader of the Lunar Coven, and she will take you to your brother." He said and Abby sighed. And put a piece of the pancake inside her mouth. Soon Michell and she will be safe, soon she will see her brother again. And hopefully they are willing to fight the Elemental council. 

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