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Chapter 1

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The rain was pouring down on them, their clothing was socked. They have been on the road for three days, and then the car that they had borrowed from Master Goodwing broke down. So there was no other option than to walk the rest of the way. What took them another four days before they reached Senzagiorno, the city that never sleeps, better known as the capital city of the night kingdom Goticha. Inhabitant by vampires, nightmares, banshees and of course the Lunar Witches. Eviar walked through the streets with his head held down, he didn't want to draw unwanted attention. They were already on the run from their other Coven, who didn't have any authority here, but that had not stopped the council before. Nora kept hold of his arm, something she had done from the moment they had left the car behind. He couldn't blame her, he had died seven days ago, and it was thanks to her that he was here. A female vampire with long brown hair grabbed Jeffery by the arm.

"Hello sugar, is it not passed your bedtime?"  She said, her fangs were clearly visible. "Or are you blessed with the appearens of a teenage boy." Jeffery pulled his arm free.

"Mind your own business." Jeffery snapped at her, and wanted to walk away. But the woman grabbed him again and slammed him against the wall.

"That is noway to talk to a woman." She purred. "But I forgive you, because you are new in town." Eviar knew that Jeffery could take care of himself, but still that didn't mean that he was not going to help him. 

"Valenthia, let him go." A woman's voice said. The vampire didn't even look up, but sighed. Eviar looked at the woman how had spoken up and his breath stocked. That was the High Witch Andera Lunar, the leader of his mother's Coven.

"Go find your own piece of male meat, Andera. This one is mine." Valenthia said. Jeffery started to push the woman off of him.

"I am not yours. I am a free man, how is openly gay. So you are wasting your time." Jeffery said, but the woman didn't move. Jeffery sighed. "Lady, you really want to let me go." 

"Oww this sweet piece of male meat, has some balls after all." Valenthia purred, like a kitten near a fireplace. Jeffery rolled with his eyes and flames started to appear on his body. Valenthia jumped away from him with a scream. "What, how?" 

"He is an Elemental Wizard, Valenthia. You are too young to sense his magic. The scent of burning earth." Andera said. "You will learn to seek your pray when you are older." Andera petted the vampire on the shoulder and then turned towards Jeffery. "Kill your flames, Jeffery Night. You will no longer need them tonight." Jeffery nodded and did just that.

"Misteress." Eviar said and he bowed his head. Andera's gaze landed on him, she didn't smile at him. Was there something he had done wrong, or was Master Goodwing mistaken, and they were not welcome here. Andera spread her arms. 

"Eviar, welcome home. Son of the moon." Andera said.


Eviar gasped when he eyes the subway entrance, it was the same one as he had seen in his dreams. Andera motioned them inside, and Jeffery took the lead. Nora followed him and he took the rear. He was home these was his Coven, before his mother had taken him away. But after what happened with Casandera he didn't trusted, nobody. The walked through a narrow hallway, that looked like it was going on forever. Still they kept on walking until they reached the end, which was a large underground city. There were two buildings who dwarfed the other buildings. Eviar frowned he could remember that there was only one tower when he still lived here.

"That is the headquarters for the men, they deserved to have their own building." Andera said, she was standing right behind him. Eviar nodded slowly. 

"So the dream to create a place for the man as come true. My mother had nothing to fear after all." He said with a sigh, he didn't look at her. "There is no pen inside the nine kingdoms to describe how much I missed this place. Or you for that matter Mistress, I remember how nice you were to me when I was younger." Her firm hand landed on his shoulder.

"You are home now, you are safe here. Nora will be safe here, the Dragon King Epoa those not allow the hunt on Necromancer inside her borders." Andera said. 

"My excuses if I sound blunt, Mistress. But Dragon King Mira promised the Necromancers the same thing, still they are hunted down as if they are wild animals." Eviar said, Nora's hand slides into his. He looked at her with a smile, and she smiled back at him.

"I do forgive you for that, because I understand where you come from. But I can say that we are the only Coven inside Goticha, and we are not seeing Necromancy as unnatural. But I will explain why that is in the morning, you three had a long journey. You are hungry and tired, Martha here will show you to the guesthouse I have prepared for you." Andera said, by hearing his mother's name Eviar spun around. His heart stopped beating, a slightly older version of his mother stood right in front of him. She smiled at him, and looked him over and over.

"Look at you, you have grown in a fine young man. Bringing you to your father, was the best choice I have ever made." His mother said, Eviar frowned and he felt Nora stiffen next to him.

"My father?" Eviar asked and his mother nodded.

"Yes, Master Goodwing. Did he not tell you this?" His mother replied, Eviar shock his head. He looked at Nora, who looked at him. 

"You knew?" He asked her and she nodded.

"He told me when you were dead. He wanted to tell you how he loved you and that he was proud of you. I didn't tell you, because it was not my secret to tell." She said, tears appeared in her eyes. And she was right about that it was not her secret to tell.

"But it was also not your secret to keep." He said, he felt betrayed. His mother stepped towards him, but he stepped back. "Bring use to the guesthouse. Misteress was right about use being hungry." He said. He knew that he sounded hars, but he didn't care. The only thing he wanted to do was to put some food in his belly and to close his eyes. His mother nodded, with a soft smile. 

"Follow me." She said, and they did. 


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