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Chapter 10

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Jeffery felt his lungs burn and his heart almost jumped out of his chest when he arrived at the house. Eviar and Nora waited for him in front of the house.

"Look what the dragon dragged in." Eviar said with a smirk on his face. Nora slapped him on the arm. 

"Be nice, Eviar. As if we were that productive this morning." Nora said and Eviar narrowed his eyes.

"We have run this morning, you build a bridge between my sister and I. I have cooked you breakfast and lunch." Eviar ticked off his fingers when he named all the things they had done this morning. "I would say that was quite productive." Evair said and he was right about that. Jeffery however was surprised that they had not started the magic training without him. "And what about you, bro?" Eviar looked at Jeffery, who gave him a wicked smile.

"Do you want the long version or the short one?" Jeffery asked. But before Eviar could answer him, Azeon arrived.

"In Dragon Lord's name, you are fast." Azeon said, while gasping for breath. "I am sorry for our lateness. We were busy connecting, when my aunt came into my room. Told use that we could connect in some other way and outside that room." Jeffery sighed, there went his moment. "She demanded that we got dressed, and come here." 

"Wait the Dragon King came into the room, when the two of you were naked?" Evair said, and he looked at Jeffery with narrowed eyes. Clearly guessing what Jeffery meant with the long version. 

"Yes as naked as the day we were born." Jeffery said. "And she stayed in the room until we were dressed." Eviar placed his hand in front of his own eyes. 

"You will become the death of me." Eviar said.

"I will not, Casandera already beat me too it. And I hope the second time that you die, you will be old and gray." Jeffery replied. Azeon frowned, for a short time. The door of the house next door opened up and Eviar's mother stepped outside.

"Ah good, you are finally here to join use. And Lord Azeon it is always a pleasure to see you down here." Eviar's mother said, and she had a large grin on her face. 

"The pleasure is all mine, Mother Martha." Azeon said, he bowed his head slightly.

"We are going to train inside the arena, the Mistress had made it available for as long as we need." Eviar's mother said. The door behind her opened again and Katia, Eviar's half sister stepped outside. 

"I am coming with you." Katia said. Her mother looked puzzled at her daughter. "I want to learn more about the other types of magic, this will make me a stronger wizard." Katia explained. Her mother shook her head, and sighed.

"I am sorry Katia, but I need to take this up with the Mistress first." Eviar's mother said. 

"Mother Martha, let her participate in today's training. I will talk to the Mistress." Azeon said, and Eviar's mother nodded slowly. She was clearly not sure if this was such a good idea.

"Please, mom. I want to grow in my magic." Katia pleaded, and her mother sighed. 

"Fine." Her mother said, before she led them towards the arena. Jeffery started to gasp for breath when he saw the huge structure. It was so different from all the other buildings who were build with stone. This arena was a glass box, he could clearly see the inside of the building. He could feel the protection shields that were placed on the glass, to prevent them from breaking and to keep the dangerous magic in or outside. "This arena was build during the early days of our Coven. It can be used for practicing magic, or to hide in." Eviar's mother said, when they stepped inside. "The door can be locked down with a simple spell, and can only be opened by the High Witch." They stepped on a dusty terrain inside the arena. It looked a lot like a combination of sawdust and sand. But Jeffery was not sure. "Please come stand around me." Eviar's mother motioned with her hands, everybody including Azeon. "Alright today we are going to start with Necromancy, Nora you told me yesterday that you were confused about something. The Mistress had told you that you can heal people with your magic, but you were told otherwise." Nora nodded.

"That is true, but somehow it made sense. What is the use of detecting illnesses and wounds if you can not heal them." Nora said, and Eviar's mother nodded.

"Detecting the illness and the wounds are indeed half the work. Healing them takes you a step further, and before you are going to ask how I know this. I met a Necromancer nineteen years ago. He was traveling through Goticha, and I was sent by the High Witch of that time to spy on him. It was a meeting that I would never forget, I was sad to hear that he died nine years ago." Jeffery looked at Nora, who was frowning.

"How did he die?" Nora asked. 

"In a car accident." Eviar's mother said and Nora's eyes started to tear up. Jeffery knew what that meant, the man in question was Nora's father. He had died during a car accident and by some kind of mirical Nora had survived it. "I take it you know the man."

"It was her father." Eviar said, and his mother nodded. 

"That explains why I see so much of him in you. His kind heart, and his soft smile. His fire." Eviar's mother said. "Eviar was only a year old and I have asked him to be the father of my next child. But he refused, saying that his wife was pregnant of his child. In the time he was here I learned a lot from him, and specially healing magic."

"My father could heal? " Nora asked and Eviar's mother nodded. 

"He believed that if the Necromancers started to heal people instead of only bringing them back from the dead, then the Elemental Coven would not have so much reason to hunt them. I do not have to tell you that his sister did not agree with his statement, but still he ventured out to heal the sick and the wounded. And during that time I learned from him." Eviar's mother said. "And now I'm going to teach you." Jeffery looked at Azeon, who looked at him. "Let us begin." 

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