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James Night looked around the room, it was not his first time inside the council chamber, and probably it would not be his last time. But now he saw it with new eyes. A brush with death will do that with you. The chamber was round and was completely covered with white marble. In the middle of the room stood a large wooden table, he didn't know which type of wood was used to make it, and he did not care. It was big enough to fit all the members of the council and some guests. James sat on his usual chair, waiting for the meeting to start. On the other hand he would rather not be here at all. His daughter needed him, his wife's son needed him right now. But no Richard Raider wanted him there, and he knew why. It has been a week since he saw his son Jeffery for the last time, he was inside the hospital because he had suffered a heart attack. Jeffery had his chosen family with him, at least that is how Abby his daughter had called them. Nora Rane a Necromancer was under them, and she was not at all what he had suspected. She was a sweet young woman, not bad for the eyes and smart too. All what he ever wanted in a daughter-in-law. But when they had visited him in the hospital, she was not yet a full Necromancer. Meaning she had not revived a person. But that changed as soon as they had left him. According to Abby they were attacked by Casandera Raider, Richard Raider spoiled daughter. Which resulted in Eviar Summers death. Abby had told him that Nora had revived Eviar, which meant that she was now a full Necromancer and an enemy for his own Coven. Or at least according to their beliefs. He himself had always believed that the magic of the Necromancers was unnatural, but Nora had showed him that this was not the case. Their magic could not only bring back the dead, but could detect illnesses, could tell how long a person has to life. Master Goodwing had also informed him that the key to their magic was love, which was an emotion. A natural emotion. James sighed, as Richard walked into the room.

"Alright can everybody sit down please." Richard said, with a stern voice. Did he really think that he was the leader of their Coven? He probably did, and James was not planning on telling him otherwise. At least if he didn't cross a line. The line was his son. Everybody of the council sat down and Richard looked around the table. His gaze lingered for a brief moment on James. "You all know why we are here. My beloved pumpkin was attacked by a Necromancer seven days ago." James wanted to groan, the fact that he called his daughter pumpkin told James all he needed to know. He believed his daughter's story. Despite what Master Goodwing, and Abby had told the council right after the attack.

"Sorry, to interrupt Richard. But she was not attacked by a Necromancer. She was the one who attacked, Nora, who was not a full Necromancer at that point in time." James said. "I want to point that out to the council. Do not forget what my daughter Abby has told you, she was there. They were attacked on a normally abonded road, which my daughter had used to get back to Master Goodwing's mansion." James looked at Richard, who did the same with narrowed eyes.

"Why would my daughter put her life and that of her classmates in danger?" Richard said.

"According to Master Goodwing, who taught us all." James said, he wanted to point that out. "She was jealous of Nora. Jealousy is a dangerous emotion, Richard." Richard shook his head.

"Why would my pumpkin be jealous, she has everything her heart desires. But good the fact is that we have dealt with those Necromacers long enough. It is time to put an end to those leeches." Richard said. James narrowed his eyes, what was Richard getting up too?  "I purpose that will take them out by the root. Attack them by their compound and kill everybody." James eyes widened. 

"All of them, also the children?" A woman said. And Richard nodded. James's mouth fall open. He taught that he knew the line, but he was wrong. Richard was talking about genesite.

"Sorry Richard, but that is..." James stopped, he was a loss for words. "That is ..." 

"Forbidden by the laws of our kingdom."  The woman finished his sentence. "The Necromancers do not break any rules that are laid out inside the nine Kingdoms. And we are the only Coven that hunts them down, which is allowed by the Dragon King Mira Crimson. But what you are proposing is disgusting." The woman said. James eyed her, she was a new member of the council, Sandera Zista. He nodded towards her, before his gaze went over the faces of the other members. He spotted a few others who looked disgusted about Richard's proposal. But to his shock there were not many. "We can however capture the children, and place them in reeducation camps." Sandera said. James couldn't believe his ears. Reeducation camps, they were talking about ruining family lives. 

"That sounds like a good idea, children under the age of fifteen." Richard chimed in. 

"And who is going to attack this compound? The hunters? I am doubting that Master Goodwing will allow this." James said, he hoped that he showed his disgust in his voice. 

"If he those not want to obey the council's decision, he will be lifted from his duty. He is getting older and softer. If you do not believe me, look at Nora Rane. She should have been killed when she refused to spill the secrets of her Coven." Richard said.

"She was not a full Necromancer. If they had killed her, then we were guilty of murder." James snapped at Richard. "And I can not believe you. Master Goodwing has taught you all you know, he even raised you when your parents died. And now you want to betray him like this?" Richard simply nodded. James looked around the room, but no one else voiced their objections. This could not be happening, if they did this... He wanted to scream and shout. He needed to inform the Dragin King and Master Goodwing. "I can not listen to this." He said.

"James Night, if you are not with use you are against use." Richard said. James looked over his shoulders. 

"Good to know." James replied. He quickly walked out of the room and almost sprinted to his car. He had no time to waiste. On his way to the castle he called Abby.

"Father what is it?" She said, when she picked up the phone. 

"Sweetheart, listen very carefully. You need to grab Michell and your mother and get out of this kingdom. Richard is planning on killing all the Necromancers, even the children. I am going to warn the Dragon King." James hold his breath for a few seconds. 

"I understand. We are going." Abby said and she hung up. At the palace he didn't even bothered to park his car properly. He didn't even bother the rest of the protocol. He needed to warn the Dragon King and nothing will stop him. 

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