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Chapter 7

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The pictures that Nora showed with her fire magic were beautiful, but he already knew that. His mind brought him back to the first time that he had seen her using magic. It was her first day at his father's mansion, she was laying on the bed inside the green room. Eviar had a bag filled with clothing for her and her father's neckless. He sighed and smiled when Nora lowered her hands, ending her show. He reached his hand out to her, and she took it. 

"Did I already told you that I love you?" He asked. She placed her lips on his and gave him a small kiss.

"It those not hurt to hear it again, and again." Nora said with a smile. He gave her another kiss, and wrapped his arms around her. He loved her with all his heart and he wanted to be with her until they both drew their last breath.

"Sorry that I am interrupting this beautiful moment." The voice of the Dragon King reached his ears. They stepped away from each other. "But that was really something, miss Rane. I can see with only this show that you are very powerful." The Dragon King said and Nora bowed her head.

"I am only powerful, because I had a good teacher." Nora said and she looked at Eviar. He gave her a smile back.

"You were already very powerful, sweetheart. I only showed you how you can use your magic longer." Eviar said. "But your greatest strength is your personality. I am somewhat humbled by it." He looked at the Dragon King, the woman with slightly tanned skin and amber eyes. The same eyes as her cousin Azeon. He started to look around, where was Azeon? Better yet where was Jeffery.

"If you are looking for mister Night, he sneaked off with my cousin." The Dragon King said. Eviar swallowed slightly, he sneaked off. To where?

"I am not sure, if that was a good idea. Jeffery is quite young." Eviar said, was he now sounding like a worried brother? He was, but he didn't care. 

"Do not worry about that, mister Summers. My cousin will not do something mister Night didn't want to." The Dragon King said, but still he was not assured. "I do understand that you worry about him, because of his age and his experience with his family. But my cousin is just eighteen, and he also knows heartbreak." Nora placed a hand on his arms.

"Jeffery will be fine, sweetheart. He is a powerful wizard, and he can kick some ass." Nora said. Eviar nodded slowly. Of course, he knew that Jeffery would not let anything happen to him. But still he wanted to protect him from further heart ace.

"Mister Summers, as I told you he knows heart ace." The Dragon King said. Eviar nodded. She had told him this already, but he didn't know what that means. But he was not going to ask her about the details.

"I believe her highness." Evair said and he bowed towards the Dragon King. The woman nodded.


Eviar smiled as the female banshee was talking to him, she was delighted when she learned that he was born here. He looked from the corner of his eyes, hoping he would spot Jeffery. But that didn't happen at all, he started to worry again. Or maybe he never stopped to worry about him. Nora laid her hand on his arm.

"Sorry, that I am interrupting. But we have an intense training session in the morning." Nora said, with a soft smile. He thanked his lucky star that he was hers.

"I totally forgot about that." He said and she looked at the female banshee. The woman nodded and stepped away. "Thank you for that." He said and he meant it.

"Sweetheart." Nora said. "You do not need to thank me, I know what is on your mind. It is Jeffery you are worried about him." He nodded.

"He is my brother." Eviar said, as if it explained everything and to Nora it did. It was Nora who had introduced them to this concept of a chosen family. Right before Jeffery's mother started stealing from him, to support her youngest son Michell. It had not taken them long to embrace that concept, even to the point that they had started to act like a family. Jeffery was the little brother, who would get under his skin. Jeffery was the one who told Nora that Eviar was in love with her. It was thanks to Jeffery that the two of them were together, and now even thinking about children, alright getting married first and then getting a couple of kids. After the first night Eviar and Nora had slept together, Jeffery had told them that he wanted someone who loved him as well. He wanted someone who would hold him during the night chase away the nightmares, who kissed him and told him that it was okay, that he was safe. This was something Eviar couldn't do for him and if Azeon could do that for Jeffery.

"He will be alright, Eviar. But a meant it when I said. We do have an intense training session in the morning. You are going top teach me Lunar Magic, and I am going to teach you Necromancy." Nora said. He was not going to teach her Lunar Magic, his mother would teach them both. But he was not going to point that fact out. He was just glad that she was excited about it, they were going to learn a new type of magic. Andera already stood by the large wooden door, waiting for them. 

"I have told one of the guards to bring Jeffery home. Do not worry Eviar, the man in question told me that Jeffery and Azeon were in a pillow fight." Andera said. He knew what that meant, but he let it go. If the two of them were in a naked pillow fight, he knew that Jeffery would be alright. They were walking towards the elevator, when the door closed Andera turned to Eviar. "I am going to tell you something, but it is really not my story to tell. The Dragon King already told you that Azeon has known heart ace of his own. This is true, the young dragon lost his parents at a very young age, and it was Epoa who reached him as one of her own. Azeon had fallen in love with one of the young men that worked inside the palace. He loved the man with all his heart, and we all thought the man loved him as well. But two years ago the man disappeared from the palace, me and mine went looking for him. Until I found him in another man's bed. The another man was his husband. I also found some personal things from Azeon in that house, so the man didn't only steal his heart and breaking it. He also stole from him and was planning to sell everything on the black market." Andera stopped her hands balled into fists. "Azeon was broken when he heard the news. I never have seen him cry like that, not even when his parents died. But something in him broke that day, for two years now he went through the passes of life. Until his eyes fall on Jeffery, there was a spark of the boy I once knew." Andera said and the doors of the elevator opened up. "Maybe this is their chance to help each other heal." Andera said, before she left them inside the lift.

"She is right about that." Nora said. "They can help each other heal. As we did, you helped me survive."

"And you brought me back to life. In more ways than you bringing me back from the dead. You helped me see that there was so much more to life than waking up following my lessons and hunting Necromancers." Eviar said. She gave him a kiss on the cheek. 

"Let's go home and rest." Nora said.

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