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Chapter 15

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Abby sat in a large comfortable chair inside the dinner room. At least that is what Azeon had called it, in her eyes it was more a dinner hall. With a very large table, with one large chair on the head. It was no guess whose chair that was. The walls were decorated with small pieces of art and banners with the emblem of Goticha on it. A black dragon in front of a white moon. Abby looked around the table, Jeffery and Azeon were sitting opposite from here. They were holding each other's hands, acting all lovey-dovey towards each other. She had seen the bands around their fingers, but she had decided not to ask about it. A girl named Katia was sitting next to them, she looked so much like Evair. Nobody needed to tell her that she was Eviar's sister. Nora and Eviar sat next to Abby, they were in a deep conversation about Nora's role in the fight. Abby shared Nora's opinion in that she needed to fight, but maybe not on the front line. Abby sighed, it was still early, and she wanted some coffee to help her waking up. The Dragon King had summoned them, but she had not told them why. Or why she had summoned Eviar's sister, she didn't know about the plans of Abby's Coven. A shiver went through her spine. Did she still want to be part of that Coven, now that they are planning to murder... They wanted to murder every Necromancer above the age of fifteen, and they wanted to place the younger children in camps. Abby had no doubt in her mind that they wanted to hunt down the other Necromancers that lived outside Achua. So Nora would not be safe in Goticha, no matter how much she tried to stay underground, they always needed to look over their shoulders. Abby shook slightly her head, no she didn't want to be part of that. A door opened up and the Dragon King Epoa Ombre stepped inside the room. Her black hair was in a neat bun, but her amber eyes showed Abby that the woman didn't get much sleep last night. 

"Thank you all for coming here this early. Did you all get some coffee to help you wake up?" The Dragon King asked, but everybody shook their heads. "Well bring some coffee, because we all are going to need it." Servants from all kind of races rushed in with cups of coffee, and plates filled with bread and toppings. "I am sorry about that. I didn't get much sleep." The Dragon King said, suppressing a yawn in the meantime. Abby couldn't blame her, the news that she had told them last night was not, nothing. 

"Do you have news from Achua, aunt Epoa?" Jeffery asked. Abby still found it strange that Jeffery called the Dragon King aunt, But according to him, she wanted that. The Dragon King nodded.

"I have." She answered. "Your father called just a few minutes after I summoned you. He told me that the Elemental Coven will attack the Negromanti Coven in a week."

"One week!" Nora said, and the Dragon King nodded again. 

"That is what he told me. I do not need to ask if you all are willing to go. I can see the answer in your eyes already, please be safe." The Dragon King said.

"The Mistress will send some members of the Lunar Coven with you to help in the fight." Katia said, she looked at Eviar. "I am one of them. Mom too, only they will depart later. Mom told use that we needed to go after this meeting." So that was why Katia was there, she was willing to join the fight. 

"Miss Summers is right, just finish your breakfast and leave." The Dragon King said. "The cars who will bring you to the palace in Achua are already waiting for you outside." Everybody gulped away their coffee, and got up. With their breakfast in hand.

"Aunt Epoa." Azeon said by the door. Abby who was right behind him stopped, waiting for what he has to say. She only knew Azeon for a few hours, but she already saw him as a brother. He was so sweet and gentle towards Michell, who she was going to leave in the Dragon King's care. And he was smitten with Jeffery and Jeffery was smitten with him.

"I know, Azeon." The Dragon King said. "Be safe, and I do not have to do it." Azeon nodded. What had they done last night, they got married in secret. Abby knew that much. But there was something else. Abby frowned. Fighting herself to ask what it was.

"I will, aunt do not worry about that." He said, and walked through the door. Abby looked over her shoulder to the Dragon King, did she see tears in the woman's eyes. Maybe. 

"I will look after him, your highness. I will look after them both." Abby said, with her chin up high. "I will bring them home, safe and sound." The Dragon King nodded towards her. 

"I know you will, miss Night." The Dragon King said. 

"Call me Abby, we are family after all." Abby said with a large grin on her face. "There is almost nothing that Jeffery can hide from me, not even a secret wedding." She raised her hand up and pointed with her other hand to her ring finger. The Dragon King nodded and Abby left the room to join the others. 




Jeffery sighed, they were on the road for hours. He was sitting between Abby and Azeon in the backseat of the car. There was room on the passenger's seat, but Abby had refused to take it. So there they were siting like sardines in a tin cane. 

"So when were you two going to tell me that you are married?" Abby said, out of the blue. Jeffery looked shocked at his sister and then to Azeon. How in Dragon Lord's name did she knew about that? He was going to ask her, but she grabbed his hand and pointed towards his wedding band. "Hello, Jeffery I am not stupid." Her gaze was deadly. Azeon started to laugh, and Jeffery really couldn't see, what in the nine kingdoms was so funny. Azeon whipped the tears of joy aside. 

"I am sorry, my love. But ..." Azeon started and Abby started to trow daggers with her eyes towards him. Azeon stopped talking and raised his both hands in surrender. "I will be quite." He said. Jeffery sighed, and shook his head. Now he knew why she wanted to sit next to them. There was a glass between the front seats and the back, to give them a bit of privacy.

"I am sorry that we didn't tell you. But you were already fast a sleep, and I didn't have the heart to wake you up." Jeffery said, Abby frowned. 

"So this happened last night?"  She asked and both of the men nodded. Abby looked at them. "Why?" 

"Because I love Azeon with all my heart, I know we do not know each other that long." Jeffery started, he could see the words form in Abby's eyes. A couple of weeks. "But I know that I want to spend the rest of my life with him. How long that life may be." Abby shook her head and sighed.

"But that is not all, is it?" Abby said, Jeffery nodded. 

"Azeon and I left our seed behind. In case one of use or the both of use do not survive this battle." Jeffery said. "So there will be a piece of use inside this world." Abby started at him, with her mouth slightly ajar. He nodded and then shrugged. 

"We are planning to go back after the battle." Azeon said. "It is just in case if we do not come back." Jeffery grabbed Azeon's hand tight. He looked into Azeon's eyes. 

"We will make it back." Jeffery said, it was Azeon's idea to leave their seed behind. Just in case, Andera was delighted when they told her. Only that joy soon vanished when they told her when she was allowed to use it. But she had promised them that she would listen to their wishes. The car stopped, and the driver stepped out. He opened the door, it was the same man who had brought Abby and Michell to the palace. Jeffery only didn't know his name.

"We are taking a short break, eat something and stretch your legs." The man said. 

"Thank you, Mister Mordish." Abby said and she jumped out of the car. So that was his name, good to know. When this was all over Jeffery intended to thank the man properly. He had taken care of his sister and little brother. Jeffery stepped out of the car, and he saw that they were near the border. The sky was a dark purple, almost as if it was in the early morning. Nora and Eviar were standing by their car. 

"Azeon we need to tell them." Jeffery said. "Otherwise Abby will." Azeon nodded and walked towards Eviar, Nora and Katia. 

"Guys, I want to say something." Azeon said. "After we got the news about, you know..." Azeon's voice started to falter, he was nervous. 

"Azeon and I have decided that live is too short to life in doubt, so we got married." Jeffery finishing Azeon's speech. Nora and Eviar broke loose from the car and hugged them. 

"We are happy for the both of you." Nora said, then she focused her attention to Jeffery. "So when this is all over, you are going back to Goticha." She said, it was not a question. Still Jeffery nodded.

"I found a home there, one that I feel safe in." He said and Nora gave him a warm smile. 

"I am glad to hear that." She said. Eviar wrapped an arm around her waist. Tears started to well up in her eyes. "Sorry that are the hormones." She sniffed. Jeffery could tell that she was telling them a lie, but he didn't mind. He loved her for that. Abby came to stand with them together with Katia.

"So you told them?" Abby asked, Jeffery nodded. Hoping that she would keep her mouth shut about their seed. "Good." That is all she said. "Let's eat, according to Mister Mordish we will arrive at the palace in an hour or two. Assuming we will not be stopped by members of that banshee dung that calls themselves a council." Jeffery sighed and narrowed his eyes. They were driving in cars with the emblem of Goticha on it. Will the council be stupid enough to stop an official delegation? There was no telling what they will do. 

"Katia, when we get back in the cars you and I will sit on the passengers seats." Azeon said. Katia nodded and walked towards the passenger's seat. Azeon then walked towards Mister Mordish. "Mister Mordish, make the windows of the back dark. If someone is asking who is in the back. Just tell them that it is the Dragon King and the Mistress, together with their families." Mister Mordish nodded and walked towards the other driver. "Alright, that is just in case." Jeffery nodded and they stepped again in the car. 

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