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Chapter 3

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Nora woke up with a scream, but quickly wrapped her hand around her mouth. She was laying on a bed, inside a guesthouse of the Lunar Coven. A Coven that acted like a Secret Service for the government of Goticha. She had met the High Witch Andera Lunar, the leader of the Coven. She also met Eviar's mother and sister. Someone stirred next to her, she didn't have to look to know that it was Eviar. 

"Nora, are you alright?" Eviar asked. His voice was thick of sleep, but still he had woken up when he had noticed her distrace. She lay a hand on his shoulder, and started to lay down. 

"I am fine, it was just a nightmare." She said. But the Dragon Lord's knew that it was a lie. It was not a dream, it was the memory of him dying. Every time she had closed her eyes he had died, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. And every time she needed to remind herself that he was a live. She had brought him back from the dead, and that was why they needed to flee. He took her in his arms, and she started to relax.

"It was not just a nightmare, you are shaking like a leaf in the autumn breeze. Tell me what was it about?" He said. His breath on her skin calmed her, and she closed her eyes. Did she really want to bother him with her bad dreams, no those were not dreams, those were memories she reminded herself.

"It is always the same scene, playing over and over in my head." She said softly. "Jeffery and I turn around, we are done with our fight against Amelia and Dorus. The fireball hits Abby's burning car, the explosion. You dying, every time I try to run towards you. Every time I try to warn you or safe you with my magic. But I never reach you in time, the words do not leave my lips and my magic those not work. Every time I close my eyes, you die and there is nothing I can do about it." She said, tears are streaming down her cheeks. His arms that were still around her, tightened up, and she cried inside his shirt. This was the first time she really let them flow, she had cried when he was dead. But those tears were gone when she released that she could bring him back. Thanks to Casandera's comment. She had cried, because she thought she had lost the opportunity to say I love you.

"Let it all out. I am so sorry that you are plagued by those memories." He said softly, his hand stroke her back softly.

"You know I love you, right?" She asked him through her tears. He chuckled softly, and pressed his lips on her forehead. 

"It those not hurt to hear it from time to time." He said. "Just to be sure." She smiled and sighed. 

"What will wait for use in the morning?" She asked. "And in all the mornings that would follow." 

"I do not know, sweetheart. But as long we face every morning together, I think we can handle it." He said, planting another kiss on the forehead. "And I love you too." 


A knock landed on the door, and Nora's eyes opened slowly. 

"Nora, Eviar. It is time to wake up." The voice of Eviar's mother came through the door. Nora didn't want to wake up, or at least she didn't want to disturb Eviar. Another knock landed on the door, this one a little bit louder. Nora looked at the window, it was still dark outside. But then she reminded herself that it was always dark outside, they were in Goticha the land of the ever lasting night. "Come up you two, you have slept a whole day away." Nora's eyes flow open, a whole day. Eviar's eyes opened up as well, and he sighed.

"We are awake, mother. We will be down shortly." He said, his voice still thick with sleep.

"I will hold you to that, Mistress will be here in the hour. And we do not want to waste her time." His mother said. Eviar groaned but he pushed himself off the bed. He walked to the door and opened it. Nora sighed and got up as well. She switched on the light that was standing on a nightstand. This was the first time she saw the room. It was painted in a light color, the bed was a king-size. There was a cabinet in the room and that was it. She made her way to the cabinet, who was filled with clothing. Tank tops, shirts, sweaters, jeans, sweatpants, shorts, skirts in various lengths and of course dresses. They were all in dark collors, she had noticed that the High Witch, Eviar's mother and sister all wore black. And she was glad that she didn't have to wear the same color. She grabbed a navy blue top out of the cabinet and a pair of jeans. Everything fitted her perfectly. She only didn't have a hairbrush to tame her copper red curls. Something she would ask for when she got downstairs. She opened up her door and Eviar's mother stood in front of it. In her hands she was holding a few bags. "Good afternoon, Nora. I remembered this morning that I had forgotten to place some woman stuff in your room. In these bags you will find soap, shampoo, conditioner, a hairbrush, toothpaste and brush." His mother gave her the bag.

"Thank you." Nora said and immediately went to source for the hairbrush. "The Dragon Lord's know that I needed this." She held it up. Eviar's mother nodded, with a smile. She holds up her hand.

"May I?" She asked and Nora nodded. She gave the Eviar's mother the hairbrush. They walked into the room, Nora sat down on the bed, and she let Eviar's mother brush her hair. "Oh how I missed doing this. Katia those not like it. And you have such beautiful hair." Nora wanted to thank the woman, her mother had never brushed her hair. That was something her father always had done. "Do you want me to braid your hair, or something else?" Nora shook her head.

"Eviar likes my hair loss." Nora explained, and her mother started to chuckle. She petted Nora's hair.

"I can understand why. It fills my heart with joy, to know that my son has found someone to love. That was all I ever wanted for him." His mother said, tears started to appear inside her eyes. "I didn't know that his would withhold the truth from him, or would force him to join the hunters. We all have heard stories about how they do their jobs." Nora looked away, she had heard those stories too. But those stories are nothing compared to the truth. "O dear, well at least now you are safe." Yes she was safe, but the rest of her Coven was not that lucky. "Let's go downstairs. Mistress, will be here any minute." Nora walked behind Eviar's mother, leaving the bedroom. 

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