Chapter 20

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Abby fired one beam of magic after the other, and sometimes she switched over to Elemental magic. Throwing away boulders of solid rock and fireballs. But still the enemy, members of her own stupid Coven, kept on coming. She supposed to be at Nora's side, but when they had learned that Master Goodwing couldn't keep his mouth shut about the Necromancers lack of stamina. She was pulled away from her post and placed on the frontline. Now she was fighting for her life, throwing magic left and right. Trying to avoid any attacks herself. 

"So no wonder we are winning." Abby gritted her teeth, she hated that voice more than anything in the world. "We are fighting against leeches, and weak wizards." Abby narrowed her eyes. She was not weak, Master Goodwing would have taken her under his wing if she wanted that. But that was just it, she didn't want it. Instead, she had a private tutor who taught her everything she needed to know. He even taught her the basics of Lunar magic. But that was not something that Casandera has to know, at least not yet. She will know how strong Abby was, when it was too late. "I almost feel sorry for you, first you have to live with that freak of a brother." Abby narrowed her eyes, no one calls Jeffery a freak.

"How do you call a freak." It was Azeon's voice. What was he doing here? He should be with Nora. But he was here in human form. Wait did something to Nora that made him change back. Casandera looked him over, and smiled. 

"Jeffery Night, did you know..." Casandera said, Abby had to give her one thing, she was brave. Talking to a dragon like that.

"That he is married into the Royal Family of Goticha, yes I knew that." Azeon snapped at her. "I am his husband." His human form melted away, and a huge dragon with light blue scales appeared. 

"Wait, what. He married a dragon!" Casandera yelled. Abby smiled, and looked at Azeon. 

"He has, O and Casandera." Abby said, Casandera now looked at her. "Next time, do not talk like that about my brother." A beam of white light shot out Abby's hand.  But Casnadera dodged it by despairing into the ground. "Unicorn Crap!" Azeon looked at her, and she sighed. "That was Casandera, a real piece of Banshee dung." Azeon simply nodded with his large head. 

"I already figured that one out." He said. His voice echoed through her head as if he was speaking with his mouth. He was so massive when he was in dragon form, but she still could tell that it was him. Not because she just heard his voice, no. It was because of his amber eyes, those were still the same eyes that had looked at her when he was in human form. "Abby I came here to get you. All the Necromancers are almost out of energy." Abby sighed, that was to be suspected. "Your brother and Eviar, are already at the bunker." Abbby sighed and then nodded. 

"Alright then let's go." She said, Azeon went through his four paws. Was he offering her his back? 

"Well what are you waiting for." He asked, so he was indeed offering his back to her. Without a second thought she climbed on it. He smiled, at least she thought that he did. It was difficult to tell. "Hold on to something." He said, but she had no time to react. Because he took off. The air pushed her against his back, keeping her in place. Azeon cut through the air like a knife did with butter. Abby pointed to the ground, there were some Necromancers running away from hunters. They probably did that with their last bit of energy. 

"We need to help them." Abby said. 

"Agreed, hold on." Azeon said, he dove to the hunters, opened his mouth and a lighting storm shot down to the hunters. Who in turn screamed it out in pain, before they fall to the ground. 

"You know Jeffery was convinced that you were an ice dragon." Abby said, with a smirk. She knew why he thought so, all that light blue, and he had told her about his ice-cold tone.

"Did he now, interesting?" Azeon replied. The looked at the Necromancers who were still running for their lives. One of them was an older man, Owen Alure. He was one of the ones who were stubborn enough to stay out of the bunker. The man had a wound on his leg, his pants were soaked in his own blood. 

"I am going to help him. Give use cover." Abby said, before sliding of Azeon's back. They were lucky for her, not that far from the ground. She landed in a crouch, and then run towards the wounded man. "Here lean on me." She said, wrapping her arm around him. Dragging him with her. Where were the members of the Lunar Coven, they had promised Katia that they will be here. But if Abby was to be honest with herself, she didn't think that a few extra wizards wouldn't be enough.

"Thank you, miss Night." Owen said, weakly. 

"Call me Abby, everybody else does."Abby said, trying to sound confident, but the Dragon Lords knew that she failed. She saw the bunker, Jeffery pointed at her. Before he started running at her. Azeon above her head started to roar, but all what Abby felt was a pain in her back, and pain on her face when she hit the ground. 

"Abby!" Jeffery's voice reached her ears. "You will pay for that Casandera." not much later she heard a scream that would hunt her forever. "Azeon, help me carry those two." 

"Jeffery. That man is dead." Azeon replied. "He probably had healed Abby with his last piece of energy." Abby couldn't believe her ears, Owen was dead and had saved her life with his dying breath. She felt someone's arms around her, and she was lifted in the air. 

"Hold on Abby, you will survive this day." Jeffery said, it was an empty promise, but she was not going to tell him that.




Nora's heart stopped when she saw Abby's body in Jeffery's arms. She had taken the lead over the make shift infirmary, from the moment that the battle had started. She hated that she was the one who provided the hunters with the piece of information, about the energy level of the Necromancers. She didn't even blame Master Goodwing for sharing it with them. But now it was used against them. Her Coven had his back against the wall, and there was nothing they could do about it. Jeffery and Eviar, together with Master Goodwing and James were fighting as hard as they could. But their energy level was not unlimited, and she suspected that they were almost at their limit too. Azeon was charged to get Abby to the bunker, but when Abby saw her uncle struggling. Nora shook her head, Abby was alive, her uncle was not that lucky. Like so many others of her Coven. She had heard the reports of elder Necromancer shielding the younger ones with their bodies, when the younger ones tried to run away. Sometimes that was in vain. Jeffrey lay Abby on a stretcher and Nora's mother directly started to heal her. 

"I own your uncle, my sister's life." Jeffery said, tears in his eyes. She wanted to hug him, but there was no time for that. She needed to help the others with the barrier.

"Nora, be careful." Her mother said, as Jeffery and she rushed away. Nora didn't say anything back she didn't want to make empty promises. She suspected when it comes to it, Eviar would order Azeon to grab her and take her away on his back. She hoped that it was not needed. Jeffery and Nora reached the barrier, but before she could let her magic flow into it. She took care of a couple of hunters, who were too close for her taste. No one of the hunters had falling in one of the traps that were placed close to the bunker. And Nora wanted to keep it that way. As long, she got some energy left in her system she would take care of them herself. But she couldn't deny that slowly crept into her heart, when she saw the hunters and some members of the council closing in. They were with so many, too many for her and her friends alone to deal with. The first couple of hunters fall into a pit filled with metal spikes. Their screams were deafening, but it made the other hunters aware that there were traps. Not that it helped them, Nora raised her hands and killed two more hunters and a female council member. But still those three were drops on the fire, it did nothing. They kept on coming, while throwing boulders, fireballs and some large pieces of ice against the wall. Azeon flew over them firing away his lighting, stopping a few more from attacking the shield. But still it was not enough. Eviar shrunk to his knees, Nora knew what that meant. Still she didn't want to leave him, her aunt rushed to Eviar's side and placed her hand on the barrier. Some other members of her Coven rushed to the barrier, in the hope that it would be enough. But deep down Nora knew that it was not enough. Where were the reinforcements? Nora bit on her lip, when Jeffery started to get on his knees. Katia soon followed him.

"Azeon." That was Eviar.

"No!" Nora screamed, but she knew that Azeon will not listen to her. He will take her away from here. He would leave the love of his life behind, to protect her and her unborn child. He would help her raise it, protecting it from harm, acting as he was the father. Tears started to well up in her eyes, but all the children who were inside the bunker. They would be sent off to reeducation camps, and she would be able to safe them, with the help of the Lunar Coven. She could still safe her Coven, if she would leave. But she didn't want to leave Eviar and the rest of her friends and family behind. She to do that by herself, but at this moment she wouldn't have much choice. 

"Nora, please." Eviar started to beg her. She shook her head, no.

"There is still time." She said, who was she kidding. They run out of time, fast. Another set of screams filled the air, where that other hunters who had fallen into a trap? No, those screams were too far away for that. Nora looked up, and saw some wizards fly through the air. Some beams of white light appeared on the horizon. Nora blinked with her eyes was she seeing this right? 

"It looks like our reinforcements has arrived." Azeon said, inside her head. That was something she needed to get used to. "And it looks like they have brought some friends of their own." Before Nora could ask what he meant, she saw a large female Minotaurus. She frowend, she knew that woman. 

"Eviar, it is Niara!" She screamed. Eviar's eyes grew. "And Cesal." Jeffery jumped up. 

"Wait, the Fantaseria army is here to safe our necks?" He asked, Nora nodded slowly. When another group of hunters and a few council members in their bright colored robes, started to fly. 

"Seems like it." Nora said. Azeon let me climb on your back. "We two are going to help them." Azeon nodded, and before Eviar could say something about it, they flew away.

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