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Chapter 9

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Jeffery lay on a pillow of silk and steel, which slowly rose and then fall. It was something so strange to him, still he wouldn't have changed one thing. The time he had spent with Azeon was in word magical, and he did not want it to end. What he would not give to stay this way for... How long would be enough? He didn't know the answer. But still the piece inside his heart and mind was addictive. It was something he had not experienced in the last four years. Allease their moment was all too short, when a knock landed on the door. 

"Azeon. It is time for you and Mister Night to wake up." Jeffery frowned through his closed eyes. Was that the voice of the Dragon King? It almost sounded motherly. "Breakfast will arrive in your room shortly. It was maybe better if you and Mister Night were wearing at least pants." There was no foubt in Jeffery's mind that was the Dragon King and Azeon's aunt. The man under him started to move, bringer the walls of peace to their knees.

"As you wish aunt Epoa." Azeon's voice was thick with sleep, and it made his chest vibrate.

"I indeed wish it." The Dragon King replied, Azeon's landed on Jeffery's shoulder. 

"It is time to wake up." Azeon's sweet but strong voice said. But Jeffery didn't want to wake up. Alright he was already awake, but that was not the point. From the moment he would open his eyes, he needed to face the reality of it all. The change that what he and Azeon had shared last night was nothing more than a one nightstand, a means to pass the time. He was not sure if wanted to do that, he also did not want for some random person to see his naked ass. So against his better judgement he opened his eyes. The room was still dark, but that was it always in the kingdom of the night. "Good morning." Azeon said, while whipping Jeffrey's hair out of Jeffery's eyes. A sweet and heartwarming jester. It almost felt as if they had woken up with each other a thousand times before.

"Morning." Jeffery said. Also, his voice was still thick of sleep. He started to push himself off Azeon, something he immediately regrated. He found his pants next to the bed, and he put them on. He looked over his shoulder at Azeon who still lay in bed, watching his every move. 

"There is something bordering you." Azeon said, the coldness of the night before had returned. "I can see it in your eyes. Do you regrate it?" But Jeffery shook his head. No he didn't regrate it. He had loved every moment of it, and there was a part of him that wanted to bring that moment back. The moment  that he felt loved and wanted. "Then what?" Azeon asked. Jeffery opened his mouth, still not sure if he should lay his heart bare. But he was about to do so when the door flew open and vampire servants stepped into the room. Azeon quickly covered his private parts with a sheet. But the servants did not look at them. They placed two trace of what smelled like bacon and eggs. The promising smell alone made Jeffery's stomach growl. The servants left without a word, Jeffery then again looked at Azeon. Who still watched him like a griffon. "Jeffery." He had not dropped the manner. Not that Jeffery expected him to.

"It is just that I am not used to all this." Jeffrey said. He closed his eyes, and closed his eyes. He knew that he needed to be more specific. "I mean, that I am not used to be loved in the way you showed me last night." His cheek were burning up, hoping that Azeon would understand that he didn't mean the sex.

"You are not used to be loved, and are afraid that I might break your heart." Azeon said, clearly he had caught on Jeffery's meaning.

"Yes." Jeffery replied, he looked towards the carpet. The light blue carpet, the carpet had tripped over.

"Jeffery, look at me." Azeon said. His voice soft and caring. Jeffery indeed looked into the amber eyes. "If it is in my power I will never break your heart. I know the feeling full well, and I do not wish it upon another soul." Jeffery blinked a view times, somebody had broken Azeon's heart and lived to tell the tale. This filled him with an undescribable anger, he wanted to know this man's name. So that he could make him pay for his crimes.

"I am sorry." Jeffery muttered, hoping he could fend off the rage in his voice. " I never should have doubted you. But know that I will never break your heart either, unless it is with my dying breath." Azeon stood up from the bed.

"Then I would need to find a Necromancer to bring you back to me." Azeon said. Jeffery wanted to point out there were a few constrictions on Necromancy magic. But that was not the point Azeon wanted to make. 

"But there is one thing that is still bordering me." Jeffery said, he wanted it himself for speaking up. Azeon looked at him, waiting for what that one thing was. "I do not know you, but that is something we can change." Azeon nodded with a smile.

"Indeed let's eat, and because you have told me about that banshee dung family of yours. It seems only fair that I will tell you about the man who broke my heart." And so he did as they eat the bacon and eggs on the bed. Again the pit of rage that Jeffery had felt before, when he first meancend it opened up again. 

"Is it strange that I want to burn that Darren to the ground, and his husband too?" Jeffery asked. But Azeon shock his head.

"No, I wanted to do the same with your banshee dung family." Azeon replied and Jeffery's cheeks started to warm up again.

"As long as you keep my sister and little brother out of it." Jeffery said. "My sister always supported me, even against my parents wishes. And my little brother, he is just too young to understand." Azeon nodded, and started to laugh. 

"Alright I will leave those two out of it." Azeon said, while making a little cross near his heart. Jeffery smiled, and his heart warmed again. They only knew each other a day, no not even that long, and still it felt they have known each other for a live time. He felt so relaxed, and at ease when he was near this dragon man. "Ohh unicorn crap, you are thinking again." 

"You know I always wondered if they indeed shit in rainbow colors and if it sparkles." Jeffery said and the both of them started to laugh. "I do not know why, but that joke works every time." Azeon calmed down a little. "And do not worry, I just was thinking how normal this all felt. Waking up with you, eating breakfast. Talking about anything under the sun and moon. If this means that I am falling in love with you, then I will just let it happen. Ever since Eviar and Nora became an item, all I wanted is to have something similar. Somebody who loves me for who I am. Somebody who will chase away the bad memories." Jeffery sighed. He only told Nora and Eviar this, right after their first night together. He had joked that he would join in when they would start a naked pillow fight, with him in the room. That joke didn't land well with Eviar.

"I want to be that somebody, if you let me."Azeon said. Jeffery laid his hand on the light blue sheets, Azeon had something with light blue, and Azeon took it. Bringing Jeffery's hand to his mouth and kissed it. So simple jester and still it set his heart a blaze.


A knock on the door startled Jeffery, had he fallen a sleep again. Well Azeon and he had some trouble keeping their pants on. The door opened up and the Dragon King stepped into the room. 

"In Dragon Lord's name, please put on some clothes and get out of bed you two. It is already midday." The Dragon King said, it didn't seem to bother her that she just barged into a room with two naked guys. "Please do not get me wrong I am glad that the two of you want to spend some time with each other, and you can do that outside the safety of this room."

"Aunt Epoa, do you mind?" Azeon said. His aunt looked at them, and Jeffery wished he was able to hide his private parts under the sheets. But those sheets lay on the ground. 

"Do I mind what, Azeon. You do not have something I have not seen before. I changed your diapers remember." The Dragon King said, with an all-knowing look.

"I know that and no I do not remember I was a bit too young to do so. But I am not alone in this room." Azeon said, with a sigh. This was probably not the first time they had this conversation. Maybe they had a similar one when Darren was still in Azeon's life?  He didn't know, and he didn't want to know. Thinking that Azeon's heart once belonged to somebody else was painful, even when that someone used it to fill his pockets with golden Acorns.

"I can see that Azeon, my eyes are still working perfectly. Mister Night, Andera told me that you were supposed to study Necromancy and Lunar magic today." The Dragon King said, and Jeffery perked up. That was truth, how in the nine kingdoms could he forget that. "Why do you not go with him Azeon, some fresh air will do you some good." It was not a question, it was a command. Azeon nodded.

"That indeed sound like a perfect plan." Azeon said. "If you want to leave use so that we can get dressed." But the Dragon King didn't budge.

"Nice try. But I am not leaving this room, until you two do. I was not born yesterday. Barrow Mister Night some of your sweatpants and a shirt. So he those not have to change when he gets home." The Dragon King said and Azeon sighed.


"Ohh and Mister Night, from now on call me aunt Epoa." Aunt Epoa continued. Jeffery nodded, before he was hit by the clothing.

"I will aunt Epoa." Jeffery said with surprising ease. "But please call me Jeffery." Aunt Epoa nodded, and she kept true to her word. She stayed until they were dressed and walked out the room with them. 

"So now the servants can clean this room, my work is done, have fun today and I will not expect to see you with supper Azeon." Aunt Epoa said, Azeon looked at Jeffery and shrugged.

"Sorry about that my aunt is a force of nature." Azeon said. Jeffery started to laugh.

"Well she at least got use out of that bed. But now I need to warm up for my training session." Jeffery said with a grin, he hoped that he still knew were that elevator was. "Care to join me in a sprint to the elevator?" He asked, and not waiting for an answer. 

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