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Kingroups and Kithweaving

The structures of Clan and family of the Uferbrech Goblins is underpinned by a complex set of cultural norms and traditions, collectively known as Kithweaving.

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The Soulhuts are special buildings, traditionally constructed by the clans of the Uferbrech goblins specifically for pregnancy and childbirth.

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Xilo's escape from Tokaru

An infant Xilocoth Stormholder flees with his family from the Protectorate held island of Tokaru.

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Kahi, Ancestor Spirits

When the cycle of birth and rebirth was broken, the souls of those who die remain lost in the world. Unless their descendants can make a place for them, they will live out their rage and frustration at being unborn.

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Masked Grace

The Masked Grace is one of the Faithful of the Church of the Faceless. Rumour has it that she has come to Tokaru to investigate potential heresies under orders from the mainland Lord Protectors themselves

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Seers of Ashtiri

The Seers of Ashtiri are the keepers of wisdom, history, ritual and tradition across the clans of the Uferbrech Goblins.

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Moji are everyday items of personal and ancestral significance to the kingroups of the Uferbrech Goblins. They are imbued with the magical and spiritual energy of the many individuals who used them during their lives

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The Icepen and Ladders

Encrusted in the snow and sleet that blows in from the ocean, and hidden from the warming rays of the low sun by the cliff that looms above. This is where the least fortunate amongst the denizons of Omberstad live.

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The prime deity of the Uferbrech Goblins. She has two distinct aspects, that of creator and destroyer

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