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Javak Progress Report

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The War of Frozen Scales

A long and bloody conflict fought in the ancient past. This war marked the end of the Yulan-Tai and had climatological effects that continue to this day.

1597 words

The Light of Maretha

A long lost and powerful artifact from the one of Yulan-Tai gods, a concentration of the power of Maretha.

344 words

Diadem of Authority

A smell set of crowns thought lost mostly to time, marking enlightened rulers, to be paired with Scepters of Rulership.

513 words

Scepter of Rulership

A smell set of scepters thought lost mostly to time, marking enlightened rulers to be paired with Diadems of Authority.

592 words


An old city that has served as the center of power of many even as much of it it was cast into the sea.

2314 words


A race of birdfolk that take up the likeness of owls. They are recent arrivals to the known world having come from the Air Plane in the past couple centuries.

1333 words

Yulan-Tai People

The few survivors of an ancient empire, scattered to the breeze.

3128 words


A species of people who have cast off humanity to embrace the serpent. Or their descendants.

1982 words

Order of the Unicorn

The most prestigious knightly order in Merida, the Order of the Unicorn serves as the personal retainers of the Prince of Merida.

2090 words

The Principality of Merida

A modest feudal state located in Southwest Galisea, famous for its chivalric code.

3343 words


A stone that holds the soul of a deceased person. Frequently used in certain magic items.

743 words

Helm of Concentration

Helms of concentration are rare, and difficult to produce magic items, that enable one who casts spells to focus their efforts better, and those maintain multiple spells at the same time.

880 words

Prismatic Sword

A type of potent magic sword that is manufactured almost entirely within the Principality of Merida.

770 words

Reynard III Candilis

Reynard Candilis, is the current reigning Grand Prince The Principality of Merida.

479 words


Tourdicorne is the capital of Merida, serving as an idyllic example a Meridan city.

2130 words


Aarum is a term describing a group of tribes living primarily on the Nabari Plateau.

2660 words