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Reynard III Candilis (/ɹ'eɪnɑːɹd kˈændɪliz/)

Ρειναρντ Κανντιλις

His Majesty Reynard Cambert Candilis, III

Reynard Candilis, third of his name is the current reigning Grand Prince of The Principality of Merida. He rose to the position of Grand Prince in the 2440s, succeeding his mother Anne I, who was responsible for securing most of the lucrative trade deals with the other Southwest Galisean powers. Having presided over a period of relative peace and prosperity, he is regarded positively by most residents. There are a few however, who would wish the Prince to flex military muscles more frequently however.   Reynard during his reign has continued a long ongoing policy of seeking to build the nation's economic base quickly, and is trying to bring in foreign experts to increase the technical base of the country. In some respects he has been successful in this endeavor, bringing a lot of prosperity to the coastal regions, which benefit from enormously from trade coming in from over the sea. He has also funded the construction of new roads throughout the nation, though progress in actually building these has been quite slow. Further, he has released a significant amount of land previously held by the crown to be colonized by Meridan farmers, clearing the way for an expansion of cultivation in the region.   Reynard III is careful and sagacious man, though he also has experience in the finer arts of war. He is generally respectful and polite to all those who meet him, treating even members of the commons with some amount of dignity and respect. It is broadly believed that he is generally concerned with the wellbeing of Merida, if nothing else because the wellbeing of the state puts him in a stronger position politically. He has an appreciation for the arts, and is a major patron of playwrights and painters in Tourdicorne Reynard III is regarded as a result of a warrior-poet.   Reynard is generally relatively clean cut, taking care to ensure his hair is neat and orderly and keeping his beard trimmed. Ge generally prefers relatively simple dress, preferring to show off his wealth with hard to obtain dyes, and excellent craftsmanship over outlandish, and nonfunctional form. He is a reserved and careful speaker, taking time to think of what he wants to say, and speaking slowly, using a strong and authoritative voice to deliver concise messages. Reynard is generally friendly and polite, though he is not ignorant of social standing and insists on maintaining traditional formalities.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Grand Prince of the Principality of Merida, Grandmaster of the Order of the Unicorn, and protector of the Meridan peoples, and defender of the faith
Date of Birth
3 Déftekomidí
Year of Birth
2205 43 Years old
Tourdicorne, Merida
Current Residence
The Tower of the Unicorn
Masculine; He/Him
Blue, clear
Short, sandy brown with a few gray hairs
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Fair, slightly weathered
1.9 m
Pandroi (Devotee of Io)
Ruled Locations

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