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Diadem of Authority (/dai:adəm ɒv ɔθorɪti/)

The Diadems of Authority were a small series of magically enchanted items that were built shortly after the advent of the six client kingdoms. Each of which was made unique for the each of the client kings. An additional diadem was made for the Emperor of the Yulan-Tai the highest authority in the Empire. Diadems of authority were part of a set of additional magic items meant to be paired with scepters of authority and, some believe thrones that would result in the set of artifacts harmonizing and producing stronger effects than when used separately. Possession of even one such artifact was seen as a mark of a worthy leader, and indeed every client king maintained control of the Great Artifacts given to them as long as they possibly could. Despite intensive efforts to preserve and secure these artifacts almost all were lost when the Yulan-Tai empire collapsed, and even more were lost within a few centuries of the end of that ancient society. Only in Apepsos would a Diadem be kept, and some superstitious folk believe that the diadem played a role in ascendancy of Peptid, Ilosi, and Later Aeillan civilization.    Despite the loss of nearly all of the existing Diadems, the myth has remained in lands influenced by the Yulan-Tai. Many rulers in the numerous kingdoms in formerly Yulan-Tai lands have expended vast quantities of blood and treasure pursuing even rumors of the presence of a diadem, and when the Aeillan Empire was forged its ruling dynasty would pass their own down well until the temporary loss of the artifact to a Huri warlod in the latter days of the High Imperial period. In more recent years however, as more and more information pertaining to the fall of the Yulan-Tai is uncovered, some believe these artifacts, if they still survive are cursed, or home to some sort of malign power, and now in modern times, instead of being pursued primarily by kings and generals it is instead priestly castes and academics seeking to uncover and contain the Diadems that pay attention to rumors of ancient royal burial grounds.    The exact powers of the Diadem are mostly an unknown quantity. According to some legends the Diadems offered supernatural wisdom, according to others the protection of the gods. More recent legends imbue diadems with a powerful curse filling the bearers with an unquenchable lust for power, or attracting actors in bad faith. The only thing that is known is that bearers of a diadem were imbued with a supernatural charm and charisma as those who wore them were seen as more trustworthy, commanding, and indeed intimidating. The few surviving accounts claiming that those who encountered a Diadem bearer found it hard to focus on anything else being drawn gaze upon them.
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Related ethnicities
Exceptionally Rare, Nearly Unique
.3 kg (varies)
.5 meters (varies)
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
Variable but always including a core of magically prepared Alchemical Silver.

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