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Prismatic Sword (pɹɪsmæɾɪk soːɹd)

A type of potent magic sword that is manufactured almost entirely within The Principality of Merida, Prismatic Swords are a signature weapon of the Order of the Unicorn, who issue them as badges of office for its elite membership and who possess a majority of the known examples in the world. Prismatic swords are brilliant weapons that provide a good deal of versatility to those who use them, and are sought after by many swordfighters with a chance to obtain them.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Prismatic swords can take the form of any type of sword, though most examples in use two day are hand and half broadswords. As a result the overall shape and size of an induvial prismatic sword can change significantly depending on who made the weapon, and who asked for it. What doesn't change is the materials used for manufacture. Prismatic swords are made from a large number of exotic, often extraplanar metals that are well known to posses elemental controlling abilities. They are also heavily enchanted in order to handle various and changing balances of elemental power.   Prismatic swords in function are simply swords, though they do have some enchantment to enhance the ability of the wielders to hit with the weapon, and their ability to cause more damage. However, there is much more in minute detail that matters significantly. In practice, prismatic blades are attuned to an individual wielder, rather than relying on command words, a common feature of many other elemental weapons, which allows the wielder of the blade to command it by thought. The key aspect of prismatic blades, is that they cause elemental damage, in particular, the wielder chooses from five types of elemental energy, fire, ice, lightning, poison, and acid. The type is changed by the mental command of the wielder and can be changed nearly at will.

Manufacturing process

In the modern era, the process of making a prismatic blade is a group process, though the exact details are hard to discern. What is known is that prismatic blades are manufactured first as a forging process, with a base blade of comprised of the finest indric steel married to detailed runes made of Darksteel, Eternal Ice, Indric Steel, Ignum, and Plaguesteel placed along the length of the blade itself before additional material is added over the runes to create a unified quasi prismatic sheen. The blade is then placed on a golden hilt, before a gemstone, usually a diamond, sapphire or ruby is mounted in a special mounting on the pommel or at the center of any crossbuard that might exist. The blade is then enchanted in a process that lasts over a month, after which the prismatic blade is finished.


Prismatic swords are, unlike most magic items, a modern invention. The first known example of a prismatic sword was constructed by Master Runesmith Elias Descartes shortly after the establishment of the Principality of Merida. Presenting the first example of the work to Prince Reynard 'the Feytouched' as a gift. He was promptly hired as the court smith, and given an order to produce more of the blades. Since then a few thousand examples of the blade have been produced, with the secrets of producing them taught to a handful of Runesmiths and Artificers allowing further reproduction of the weapon. However, the knowledge of how to produce prismatic swords have remained a secret only within Merida through a combination of the exceptionally high pay of smiths in Merida and the Order of the Unicorn and laws passed to prevent them from leaving the country. Some examples of the weapons themselves however have travelled and prismatic blades can be found in small numbers throughout Southwestern Galisea.


Known primarily for its association with the Order of the Unicorn, serving as a symbol of office for many members who have advanced within the Order. Being an elite group of Meridan knights with a powerful reputation for honor and skill at arms throughout Southwest Galisea, their endorsement of prismatic swords is seen as a valuable seal of approval for the weapon's potency and quality. Prismatic swords are valued highly by most people familiar with the qualities of the weapon, and it is a mark of prestige to own one.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Base Price
Usually ~15,000 Gold Coins
Raw materials & Components
Darksteel, Eternal Ice, gold, Indric Steel, Ignum, and Plaguesteel, as well as a large diamond, sapphire, or ruby.
Advanced forge, with enchanted tools.

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