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The Light of Maretha (/lait ɒv marɛθɒ/)

The Light of Maretha is a fabled artifact from the days of the Yulan-Tai, a gift from one of their nearly forgotten goddesses. Taking the shape of a shining gemstone the light was built into the Temple of Maretha in the old capital of the Empire. In the days of the empire's glory, the few surviving accounts claim the Light of Maretha was bright enough to shine as a becaon across the old capital, beckoning those towards the patron goddess' wisdom. Over time however, the light faded as Maretha's worship went into decline as the Cult of Hesetal spread like wildfire across the Yulan-Tai Empire. In the final years of the Light's use, it was seen in a specially prepared diadem worn by the high priestess of Maretha, where its diminished glory could remain impressive. The Light is believed to have been lost in the strife surrounding the ascension of the Yuan-Ti as worship of Maretha was persecuted by the Hessetal worshippers who had now come to dominate the empire. As there are no accounts of the Light's destruction some believe it still survives, buried in some long forgotten ruins.   The light is perhaps one of the most benign magical artifacts ever emerge from the Yulan-Tai, whose legacy tends towards the later and even more violent days of their history. Those who bore the artifact are said to have been gifted with the goddess' eternal and boundless wisdom. In particular this allowed the bearer to communicate with anyone in their own mother tongue, and to comprehend and write in any language. It also allowed, for a short time, the bearer to see through nearly any illusion that would be deceivers would cast. Lastly, the light could under certain circumstances be caused to shine closer to its full strength for a brief time, restoring to its fading status as a shining beacon and clearing away darkness.
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