IoTheSC's WorldEmber 2022
12 of 24 prompts completed

IoTheSC Progress Report

Night of The Stars

360 words

Snapping Vesu

67 words

Naotüna Oruba Harbour

The Main Harbour of the North

230 words


161 words


120 words


211 words


A classic Laitarii dish in the shape of a mountain.

356 words


1268 words

The Touman Castle

138 words

Neck Brushing

95 words

Vegas Abital

A historian with occult connections

521 words

IoTheSC Progress so far

3655 words 36.55% completed!

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Won’t let me link my discord, but my discord is iothedango#4242

Making lore for my (future) games :3 I you ask me about my world I love you and i will answer (this is both an invitation and a warning, I am obsessed)
currently tryna figure out the css but idk :p

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League of legends, Genshin impact

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Frozen Bite

Blue Syndrome

Yokatlān Crater

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