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Session 41: Kings of Elves & Vampires Report

General Summary

Lady Seraphena Syren comes to the Bayani-Sun Casino to speak to the Patrol about Valentine, King of Vampires. They report to her that they have Lord Xerthas Dragonsbane's journal. They know that he betrayed Valentine to Thirion Elf-King during the Battle of the Barrow Shard. She asks them to journey to the elven capital of Eladriel to discover more information. She says that her contact will meet them at Valentine's Flag in the more modern section of the elven city.

Seeking Answers in Eladriel

The Patrol takes their skyship, the Vinta, to Eladriel to meet with their contact. They go to Valentine's Flag and see Valentine's Statue along with other memorials to the Heroes of the Battle, including D’Wat's ancestor Beast and Ariana Durinhelm.

They notice that this part of the city is more modern than the rest of the ancient elven capital. They see many Entulesse elves, humans, dwarves, and other non-elves here. Thumping music with heavy bass comes from Hex Crystal speakers in the many restaurants and coffee shops around the main square.

As they stand in front of the statue of Beast, they are met by Lord Chamberlain Estadir, of the Royal Palace of Ash. He asks that the Patrollers give him the information that they have about who betrayed the Vampire King. The suspicious Patrollers notice something slightly off, slightly sweaty. about the elven noble. They say that they will only give their information directly to the Cabron Elf-King.

Estadir says that the King is very busy with is upcoming Ceremony of Bonding with Baron Niamhi Silversång. The only way to get an audience with the King right now would be to bring him a gift of sufficient value and rarity. He suggests that they seek out the "Royal Ring of the Secret Heart", a valuable and magical ring that can be found in the ruined Tower of Ancients.

Unfortunately, the ruins are also directly beneath the main docking platform of the Will of Malfador. The ruins are also the home of an ancient gorgon and a massive hydra. The party leaves Estadir with that knowledge and makes a plan to infiltrate the ruins.

The party goes shopping in Eladriel and D'Wat spends all of his money on a very rare and powerful magic tome that will increase his agility and flexibility.

The Ruins of the Royal Ring

The Patrollers fly Vinta to the outskirts of the Satrapy of Ta-Arma. They see the massive warship of Malfador floating above their objective. They know that they are no match for the army of devils and dragons patrolling its decks. They sneak in invisibly with D'Wat hiding the more obvious members of their crew in his bag of holding.

Thousands of feet below the warship, they manage to sneak into the Ruins and begin their quest. They immediately notice the many very realistic statues of past adventurers dotting the landscape in pleasing arrangements.

They enter a darkened room with statues in it and a pool of water. They soon realize that they are in a room with a medusa who locks Noctus Lunara into place with her gaze. The Patrollers close their eyes and enter into combat using only the echolocation of Tab the Bat telepathically communicated through D'Wat to everyone else.

As the fight continues, two of the statues lurch to life and the puddle of water grows into a gigantic acidic ooze that divides the room into two. The Patrollers fight for their life as Thirteen sneaks off in the Ethereal Plane looking for the hydra and the ring.

She discovers the hydra with most of it's heads asleep as it sits on a pile of treasure. She turns herself invisible and enters the material plane. She tries to pull the ring from the scale that it's embedded into on the hydra, but she wakes it up.

The other Patrollers are in the middle of a pitched battle with the medusa and they step up their efforts to kill her and get to Thirteen. Between the deadly strikes of T-R01d and D'wat, they take down the medusa and her stone golems. They decide to leave the ooze behind and race to the hydra chamber.

They get there and make short work of the hydra, saving Thirteen and recovering the Ring of the Secret Heart.

Pit Patrol Adventuring Company
Oyxuysi Oyxuys
Noctus Lunara
T-R01D, The Death-Bound Revenant
D’Wat Bestia
Fez the Jest
Report Date
02 Nov 2023
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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