Wildmouth River


This river connects Emphir's Bay (and the Luminous Sea) to Cleo's Harbor (and the Ash Sea) by cutting through the continent of Austra. It is fairly straight and wide, and flows towards Cleo's Harbor.


The Wildmouth river is saltwater, connect two of the world's oceans. It is host to plenty of saltwater fish and occasionally a lost large marine mammal, or reptile who can handle salt and freshwater.

Localized Phenomena

Though the water in the river flows towards Cleo's Harbor and the Ash Sea, the incredibly high salinity of that body of water can mean that boats moving at a fairly fast pace can suddenly stall when pockets of water hit one another as you near the second harbor; a poorly captained vessel can capsize or shoot dangerously into the harbor. Vessels traveling downriver must be manually slowed for their own safety.
Ash Sea
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Though the river itself is a natural pathway, and has always been wide and fairly fast, it was not always deep enough for the large ships that the Kingdom of Ostar and later the The Brilliant Empire wanted to move from one side of the continent to the other. They spend a good deal of manpower - both physical and manual - deepening and widening the river to make it possible to move any size ship from one side to the other.


There is little tourism on the Wildmouth River; it requires a permit to traverse not only because of the intricacies of doing it successfully but also because non-military access to Emphir's Bay is very restricted, and most non-naval vessels are not permitted to use the waterway.

Wildmouth River

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