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World of Seven Seas

196 AE | 12126 CE

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The humans of this world don't remember a before, though there must have been one; most of them are too focused on the now. They are, as humans ever are, a hodgepodge of everything; from the most warlike and powerhungry to the most peaceful and curious. As a whole they are turning their attention towards the rest of the world, and the conflicts that will arise from them doing so are inevitable.

The Empire has long had the most advanced seafaring and terrestrial land technology - they had to, to become the Empire. The only reason that the other countries stood a chance is because the people of the Empire aren't powerful mages. But now they're on the brink of perfecting Skyships - technology nobody else has. Someone has been assasinating the tribal leaders of Mare'n, but leaving their heirs unscathed. The King of Heirin and the King of Staton are dancing around the idea of marrying their heirs and strengthening their alliance, but they might have bigger problems with the other inhabitants of their continent. Something's happening in the sea between Delryn and the Bright Empire. The mists rise and fall, and not everyone caught in them comes out. What do the people from Nikandros want? Your guess is as good as anyone else's, since nobody is allowed in, but they do seem to have magic users seeping from every pore, and those magic users seem to have a finger in every pie.
The World of Seven Seas is a world building project of some scope; when finished it is intended to be a fully fleshed out setting for original stories, TTRPGs, and perhaps even play-by-post campaigns. The project currently encompasses one planet, which is host to seven seas, five continents, and twelve nations. The setting is a grayglow middle fantasy world on the brink of a new technological age. Though there are political conflicts and dark people, the overall feeling is still one of wanderlust and wonder and discovery. Much of the world's past is a mystery and there are definite questions about its future. Please feel free to explore the world information available, and follow to receive updates about its future!