Adrea Ravensworn

Adrea is the daughter of Griffon and Zorra Ravensworn. Ravensworn is a small noble house in the Kingdom of Gendeau. The House of Ravensworn are also members of the Night Ravens, A group sworn to protect Gendeau from things that go bump during the night. These members are worshipers of the Goddess Nyx. While has grown up with this nobility over her head, she is stubborn and of freewill, therefore she has taken to leaving the family and venture on her own. She has promised to return when she has had time to spread her wings.

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Personal history

Adrea grew up on stories of the famed Nova Crystallis, hero of Sarten before it became Gendeau. Women did great things in that time, which wasn't all that long ago. Hailing from the northern town of Saxau, where Nova and her band had uncovered the meetings of the humanoids and the hand of the Daughters of Erythnul in the coming tragedy. Nova had uncovered that deception in time to save Sarten from the betrayal by the hobgoblins. North of Saxau sits the Loupenholt, which is still home to small tribes of were creatures.   House Ravensworn may be a small House, but Adrea's parents, Griffon and Zorra sit as Lord and Lady of Saxau. Adrea found a different path however, she heard her calling in the Temple of the Moonshadow. Dedicated to Artemis and Athena, with shrines to the rest of the Pantheon, the Temple of Moonshadow sponsors the Night Ravens, an organization dedicated to hunting the things that go bump in the night. Adrea heard the call of Nyx, god of the night sky. She trained as a cleric, choosing the dedication of Twilight, and also was sworn into the Night Ravens.   One night, while hunting a pack of wererats, she found herself in a clearing of the Loupenholt alone, separated from her fellow Ravens. All of a sudden a shadow grew to the north, and in the shadow was the face of the demon lord Erythnul. Nyx had given her a sign, she needed to take her hunt north.   Asking leave of her family, and promising to return when she had time to spread her wings, she found a merchant in Ravensworn courtyard. He had stopped in to show his wares while on his journey north to Brineven. Knowing the Fates work when she saw it, Adrea signed on, certain she would be shown the way.   The city of Brineven was abuzz with news of banditry and humanoid raids in the Korlon Hills. Actually, the city wasn't abuzz, but it seemed everyone Adrea spoke to had a story or had heard some news, etc. Receiving directions, Adrea began her trek north.   She arrived in a quaint little village known as Hillsboro just as all of the "adventuring types" were being moved out of the inn to their own quarters. A run-down place called the Black Quartz. Seems as if a few of these souls had saved the new village hall recently, so the innkeeper, Landon, didn't just want to throw them out. Adrea, feeling herself being pulled along by Lachesis' threads, went with them.   The next day, four of these companions returned from raiding a goblin lair, the goblin tribe that attempted to torch the village hall. Adrea smiled, and made some snide remark about the treasure they carried back. This is where she needed to be.
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