World of Arith

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Forged by wars and mythic conflicts, the World of Arith awaits those brave enough to search for meaning among the ancient ruins that dot the landscape.   Created by Gaea at the beginning of time, Arith has been a playground of Primordials, Gods, Dragons, Giants, Beastfolk, and now Man. Shaped by the Primordials and Elder Titans, Arith soon became home of the Gods, who were said to have created the first mortals. The Gods and Primordials battled, with the gods victorious, but then the gods left Arith for their homes in the Astral Sea.   Arith became the plaything of the dragons, who created the Dragonborn, the kobolds, and the beastfolk. The reign of the dragons came to an end when the Titans infiltrated the world and unleashed their hordes of giants, orcs, and ogres under the command of the Rageborn (half-orcs).   At first, the dragons were caught unprepared, and their reluctance to work together almost proved their end. Driven back to the continent of Draconis, the dragons eventually met in conclave and formed the Council of Wyrms. Working together, they slew the titans and drove the titan forces back to the giant lands of Hjalmar.   Neither side could declare victory however. In Hjalmar, the Veil between Arith and the Elemental Chaos was thin. The remaining titans held the upper hand. Eventually, the dragons, assured that the titans were no longer a threat, returned to Draconis.   With neither dragon or titan holding power, the mortals finally came into their own. Soon lands abandoned by dragon and titan were claimed by elves, dwarves, and humans.


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