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Workshoping VISCERIUM's Hook/Elevator pitch

Sat, Nov 25th 2023 08:18
As part of the prep for WorldEmber '23, I've been trying to develop a hook/pitch for VISCERIUM. So far, I've had mixed results and can't quite seem to nail this important tool for attracting new readers.   With my struggles in mind, I thought I might open this up to the wonderful community of WorldAnvil and see what others like/dislike about my pitch and see where I can improve. Where else would be so well suited to learn and interact with the community (other than the WA Discord haha)?   So, with all of that in mind, here is my current pitch. Please let me know your thoughts and provide feedback below:  
Ancient tales of abominations weave their threads throughout all of human history, civilization has fought for its survival since the dawn of time.   Across four pivotal eras, entwined by a singular gritty and continuous timeline, VISCERIUM’s dark tales span: the blood-soaked battlefields of the medieval epoch, the soot-covered trenches of a war-torn industrial era, the concrete jungle of modern society, and the thunderous reverberation of space-faring vessels in the not-so-distant future.   Is sorcery and technology enough to escape the temptations of both shadows and stars?
Help wanted