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Listen close, friend, It's Voraegir we're talkin' 'bout. Bigger than anythin' you've ever seen.
Carvin' the likes of it, that's a task fit for the gods, it is. Hours of toil, little coin in our pockets, but it's the stuff of dreams, ain't it?... One day I'll be the one to cleave the first chunk outta it.
— A carving port worker
  In the fathomless depths of the unforgiving ocean, a legend stirs - a creature of mythical proportions and untamed might. Its name echoes through maritime lore like a siren's call... Voraegir, "Swallower of the Sea".
Dwarfing even the largest of titans, this leviathan reigns supreme, shrouded in mystery and whispered tales.   At the bustling carving ports, where titans meet their fate, workers dare to dream of the day they'll etch their name into history by conquering Voraegir's colossal form. Sailors, their eyes alight with wonder and trepidation, swap stories of sightings, their accounts as varied as the sea's ever-changing moods.   Though differing nations and cultures have alternate names for this legend of the sea, all know of its story and vaguely described appearance. Islanders off the cost of the Elmdocks call it Anraithmarbh - "Deadly Sea Serpent". The sailors of Satol call it Serpent des Abysses - the "Serpent of the Abyss". Even the people of the Drai Dynasty know it's tale, for they know of it as Kaijinryu - "Sea God Dragon".  


Voraegir, a colossal leviathan, boasts a majestic form, rumoured to be twice the size and six times the length of the largest recorded titan. Its long body exudes serpentine grace, undulating through the waters with imposing power. Long, flowy fins adorn its body in various sizes, the smallest up front, like canards, cutting through ocean's currents. Its eyes hold the wisdom of ages past and an intelligence beyond comprehension. As Voraegir traverses the seas, waves seem to part in awe of its presence, and storms gather in deference to its might.  

The Swallower of the Sea's tale

Since long before history could be written down, folks have heard and told tales of a fearsome leviathan named Voraegir. When pleased, it would grant smooth seas to aid sailors' journeys, guiding them to prosperous shores. But when angered, its fury would summon towering waves and tempests that swallowed ships whole.   Many tell of how to appease this mighty creature. Some would offer gifts of rare treasures, delicacies from land and sea, and heartfelt prayers to win its favor. But above all, they plead that the ocean be treated with reverence, knowing that disturbing its balance might awaken Voraegir's wrath.   One common tale speaks of a daring sailor who defied the warnings, casting nets far and wide with reckless abandon. Voraegir, sensing the disrespect, rose from the depths, calling forth a monstrous wave that tossed the sailor's ship like a toy. In the face of peril, the sailor vowed to make amends. He humbly offered a prized gemstone, an apology whispered to the sea, and a promise to respect its boundaries.   With that, the waves calmed, and Voraegir's temper subsided. From that day forward, the sailor's tale became a beacon of wisdom, reminding all to honor the sea and heed its ancient guardian, Voraegir.
8m (26.24ft)
198m (649.6ft)
840,000kg (1,851,883lbs)
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Aug 20, 2023 22:40

this is a cool mfing world and format. The descriptions of what people call it remind me of the way that Europeans would recount crazy foreign animals and try to describe them, like whales, crocodiles, and elephants. It does leave me wondering if anyone has actually seen it or merely spread a false tale down the generations until it became ubiquitous.

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I also really like the nordic sounding name of it

Aug 28, 2023 15:36 by Fall

Thank you so much! That's the vibe I was going for so I'm really glad to hear it came across. I'll let your mind wonder on that one :p