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Limb pod

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Though the Limb pod looks like a plant, it's main feature - the limb, is actually a muscle and as such the Limb pod is a form of plant-imitating creature.   This species of plant is capable of excreeting a gaseous aphrodisiac that also includes a mild paralitic substance when it senses nearby creatures. This is done through the vibrations of their footsteps that radiate through the surrounding ground. Additionally, a long tentacle-like apendage can burst out of the pod from it's coiled state to restrain and consume it's victims.   Along one side of the tentacle, a fleshy, ribbed skin allows the tentacle to suction onto it's victims. Should the suction fail, the limb can also coil it's self like a snake around the victim to hold it in place. Whilst held in place, tiny fur-like tendrils grab and pull any surfaces inwards to help promote the absorption of nutrients through the fleshy thin wall of the 'skin'. A digestive mucus is also excreted via those same fur-like tendrils to further aid in the digestive process and make the process of breaking down it's victims swifter.   The gaseous substance excreted by this plant causes varying effects dependant on the size and resistance of the victim. These effects can vary from complete paralisis to a light paralitic sensation causing the victim to feel heavy and somewhat limp whilst also massivley increasing the effect of physical stimulants.  


The liquid contained within the Limb pod's gas sacs is extremely sought-after for it's potent aphrodisic qualities. It is often sold by shady merchants and can be found within most brothels. There are tales of this liquid that speak to how once consumed, even a gentle touch can cause your toes to curl.
The Limb pod's main feature - it's long tendril or limb can be harvested to produce a very tough meat. This meat can be tenderised but it is not very tasty and as such most people don't bother to take the risk in harvesting it. For it puts up a fight and can cause some serious blunt force trauma.


The Limb pod is most commonly found in proximity to Rifts corrupted by Sletair. Though it can be found on the outskirts of Sletair's reach, a higher frequency of Limb pods are found within their domain.   Whilst prefering darker and damp climates, the Limb pod can sustain itself in most temperate locations. It does not respond well to cold however and will not survive in frigid locations. Warmth is key to this organism thriving and it will hibernate if it does not have sufficient energy to stave off the cold.
Scientific name
Absconditus membrum
Average dimensions (pod)
50cm (diameter)
90cm (height)
Average length (limb)
Largest recorded dimensions
70cm (diameter)
120cm (height)
Tripartite top opening, large pores around the base of the pod, large suckered limb that excretes digestive fluid
Olive green with black chocolate stripes and speckles, pale raspberry suckers, ribs and inner pod
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