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Teōpixqui Headquarters

by hughpierre

Purpose / Function

A place where minor nobles and important visitors to Sangsalgu Proper celebrate with their state hosts.


An elliptical audience chamber surrounded by several small curtained rooms.

Sensory & Appearance

Official Meetings

During such gatherings, the air stales with the smells of leftover foods, chocolate and poquíetl smoke.


During minor religious feasts and casual copulations, a murky air would stagnate with layers of smoke, sweat and burnt pitch that would churn any unintoxiated person.



The local authority in charge of supervising education and schools in Sangsalgu Proper. He sleeps and works in a second floor office above the main hall. In the hall, he oversees meetings with other groups of priests and hosts several festive gatherings with many communities.

Contents & Furnishings

Smoking Tubes

Earthenware pipes with white decoration to smoke tobacco, picíetl and other herbs and grasses.


Wooden boards kept a chests for serving small portions of food.


Pallets woven with thickly quilted cushions are brought together and push apart to create laying or sitting places as needed.



The moyotlan cuicacalli's banquet hall is often the place where warriors feast on savory aioze and sides of beans, tortillas, stewed tomatoes and cacao drink.


Next to every guest is a seductively dressed woman who served the food, poured the drinks, filled and lit the smoking tubes and retired with them in little bedrooms.

Alternative Names
Banquet Hall
Room, Hall, Banquet
Parent Location
Related Professions
Owning Organization
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