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House of Song

by hughpierre

Purpose / Function

A cuicacalli is a higher-end school where a few of the Calmecacs and Telpochcallis graduates are invited to attend.



Student dorms reserved for those who originate from the far away districts.

Banquet Hall

An audience chamber surrounded by several curtained bedrooms.

Practice Studios

The foremost musicians, singers and dancers are granted special rooms to exercise their religious performances.


Main Entrance

A wide set of stairs welcome students and guests towards a doorless passageway that breaks into three directions: towards the audience hall, the central classrooms or the dorms.


Additionally, several rich families may also opt to skip Calmecacs or Telpochcallis and enroll their children directly into a cuicacalli for the full the duration of their formal education.   Students are trained in war, with intense rivalry forming between different academies that often led to fights. While noble cuicacalli graduates regularly find opportunities in the various military societies, there are several professions open to the others that eventually shift their social status to non-working-class men that include priests, bureaucrats, and doctors.   Girls who display particular aptitude for salt spells and have expressed desire to fight for the state are granted special scholarships to attend the nearest cuicacalli to their home. There, they participate in the same class as boys and are put on a fast track through the military after graduation.

Contents & Furnishings

Half Sun Crown

The half-sun of the teotl is repeatedly crafted from brick, wood or canvas to crown many religious buildings or temples sponsored by the state. This is fitting as many religious matters are also conducted in the building.   Following the colors painted on the crown, the rest of the edifice is painted blue and gold, with red trimmings.

Alternative Names
  • Cuicacalli
  • Junior Military Academy
  • Type
    University / Educational complex
    Parent Location
    Included Locations
    Connected Rooms
    Related Professions
    Owning Organization

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