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Shadow Kind Alliance


Each established faction within the Shadow Kind is allowed a single representative on the Shadow Board to respresent their interests. The following are the recognized Shadow Kind Factions: These are the legally recognized factions because they are the factions that chose to sign the Shadow Pact and there by join the Alliance. Being recognized as a faction requires that the leader of the group sign the pact and join the Shadow Kind Alliance.

Public Agenda

The unification of the Shadow Kind into an organization that can better address the needs of the Shadow Kind within the Mundane Realm. To legally represent the Shadow Kind in Seattle.

Demography and Population

The Shadow Kind Alliance includes all Shadow Kind that are living within the lands legally held by Draco Industries.


As part of the Shadow Pact, the Shadow Alliance was allocated land to use as a safe haven for those Shadow Kind who could not or would not intergrate safely into Mundane society. Discovery Park, Seattle's largest green space, was converted into this sanctuary on Feburary 15, 2147. While the Shadow Kind are within the confines of this park's walls, they are governed solely by the rules of the Shadow Kind.


They have a new and strained relationship with Draco Industries, but have agreed to be governed by the same laws as the Mundanes living within Seattle.


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