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Connecting the Dots

Some brief thoughts on how I saw the prompts for the Tale Foundry Challenge fitting loosely together:   Background:
  • Unbeknownst to the Dvärg (a variety of Dwarf), living in Hafr, they have been living in close proximity to a community of Vittra, who have lived in the Sydlig Uplands for millennia.
  • Initially, the Vittra were incredibly hostile to the Dvärg, especially when they began to become interested in the Vittra’s sacred site, The Hafr Monolith.
  • As the Vittra kept themselves invisible through the use of Fey Blindness, the Dvärg thought that they were being persecuted by malign spirits, and began to leave offerings to stop the invisible assaults.
  • Over the centuries this relationship between the two peoples was encapsulated in Dvärg culture as a myth about The Fairy Folk of Hafr.
  Present Day:
  • A young, itinerant wizard arrives in the remote community of Hafr to sell magical trinkets.
  • On entering the town, which has no magic users, he is astounded by the amount of magic he can sense all across and around.
  • Settling down in the town’s tavern for the night, he becomes aware of a source of some of the magic he has been detecting in the tap room where he is sitting. Concentrating on the point in space, he attempts to dispel the magic. To his surprise, a small Fey creature, a Vittra is revealed in the room, eating the offerings from the Tavern’s shrine.
  • What follows is a mass uncovering of the Vittra, whose manipulation of the Dvärg is starkly revealed, with the Dwarves naturally taking this as a gross insult.
  • Tracking the source of the magic through the town, to see how far the Vittra community might spread, the Wizard, discovers the Hafr Monolith, which he recognises as a long deceased Greater Earth Elemental.
  • His knowledge of the Use of Elemental Hearts, means that he knows what lies in the centre of the Elemental’s corpse, and exactly how many thousands of platinum pieces it might be worth.
  • The wizard rouses a mob of Dvärg to help him destroy the Monolith, and drive away the Fey, whilst the Vittra rally to defend their sacred place, leaving the lines drawn for a bloody conflict to unfold.

Cover image: by Chris Pyrah


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