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Fey Blindness

A harmless condition that is placed by Fey creatures on other species, both sapient and non-sapient, when they do not wish to be seen.


Fey Blindness is directly placed on an individual by a Fey creature, though it will vary from Fey to Fey as to how this happens. The Vittra in northern Turoza use their innate magic to inflict the condition on the eyes of those who are looking at them, or might possible see them, through a whispered verbal command.


There are almost no symptoms for Fey Blindness, which makes it incredibly hard to detect. An effected individual may become aware of a blurring or smudging of their vision when they look directly at the Fey being that has placed Fey Blindness on them. As the condition is most effective when a creature is looking directly at a Fey, an afflicted individual may see silhouettes or movement out of the corner of their eyes as the Fey moves in the vicinity around them. Afflicted individuals who are magic sensitive can often detect Fey Blindness and dispel it.


Fey Blindness can be dispelled, but if this option is not available then being in the presence of strong, smelling herbs, such as lavender or rosemary can lessen the effects of the condition, and through long exposure rid an effected person of Fey Blindness.


Fey Blindness is not physically harmful to those who have it, but its effects do tend to extend to making all Fey creatures invisible, not just the species of Fey that placed it upon them. Therefore, if an individual comes across a more powerful, or malevolent Fey being, then they could be at serious risk from being attacked by a being they cannot see. Even though Fey Blindness is caused by a magic, the permanence of its effects mean that it is universally treated as a condition until cured.
Chronic, Acquired

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