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4,520 PA - Age of Industry

A world and series of a gameplay systems and expansions by Zone55x
A world apart from any other in many ways, Ullthwaygon is not a single place, but the same lands played over and over again under vastly different circumstances in parallel to each other. In some rules of fantasy may apply, with spellcaster soaring over the landscapes and clashing with mighty dragons. In others, Humans such as you or I may be in the minority if they are present at all. Yet others still may not be too far from our own experience, bound by the laws of science and nature with a single shot from even the smallest pistol begin able to end the story of anybody trying their way at being a hero.   Yet throughout it, all the Akithaydi watch and often rule, as they do in most places. Not being part of the ever-changing story, they place down avatars to act in the tier seed, even sometime beliven themselves to be them.
What Ulltwhaygon is to you is down to you do decide. Are you here as simply just a visitor, or are you here to stay for a long while? Maybe even you fancy your chances at holding your own version of this world for your stories to run through. Whatever it is good luck to you, the gods are watching be careful they do not leave with you.

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The River Dread
Geographic Location | Sep 4, 2022
Species | Feb 1, 2022

A race of sentient books who can project avatars out of their pages.

Species | Feb 1, 2022

Shadowy humanoids hailing from the Shadowfell.

Species | Apr 26, 2022

Giant intelligent hornets whos ofspring takes on aspects of the host they where implanted in.

Monster | Apr 26, 2022

Massive gilded arachnids, adept at the powers of illusion and arcane puppetry.

Map of Visenya

Old Map of Vishenya